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grind beans and pour water over them
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This musical instrument, similar to an organ grinder, grinds out music similar to and sounding like Beoncé (hence the name "grind beans"). It has a safety function for cases where the listener becomes too excited, in which case it pours water on them. This is optional, for a small extra payment (hence the idea name: co-fee)

This idea should not be marked for deletion because (a) it has an idea's name that is used in URLs, (b) a summary that appears to be below the name, and (c) a description, although in this case the description appears to be below both the name AND the summary.

pashute, Apr 24 2013


       (a)Why is it in the food category if it's a musical instrument?
(b) How does it pour water on them?
(c) Not my fishbone, but I'm thinking of one.
xandram, Apr 24 2013

       Please he's trying to think, trying to have an idea.
rcarty, Apr 24 2013

       Cough i.
xenzag, Apr 24 2013

Voice, Apr 26 2013

       who is mark, and why are they deleting him?
pashute, May 10 2013


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