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cross aunt pacifier

a snack to appease angry aunties
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How about a croissant-style pastry, with a honeyed centre, served slightly warmed on a delicate saucer and accompanied by a hot cup of the finest strong tea, to hand to the nearest, crossest-looking aunt in the room at family gatherings? They could come in packs of three, in case said aunt has a hungry husband in tow, so that she doesnt have to be made more cross by having to sacrifice her single pastry to his ever-growing belly. (The third one could be for the cat to lick and then disdainfully refuse). Cross aunts everywhere would be smiling. And more uncles would be happier, too. Because the aunts would not be so cross, and the uncles would get their carbs, the old carbuncles.
Edie, Mar 02 2018


       What do you get if you cross an aunt with a pastry ?   

       A woolly jumper.
bigsleep, Mar 02 2018

       Theodor Adorno had some batty English aunts, of the kind immortalised by P G Wodehouse and occasionally reanimated by [MaxwellBuchanan]. Those might hunt in packs of three, though I think two are more usual.
pertinax, Mar 03 2018

       yawn...all the crossaunts are gawn....nap time i guess
Edie, Mar 05 2018

       "[Edie] sleeps with the fishes tonight ... "
8th of 7, Mar 05 2018


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