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dont drink and drive FAST

the laws must be rearranged that people can drive after taking alcohol but not fast.
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every drinker knows that -since reflexes slow down and everything like happens- one can drive safely even he drank until he is not able to walk! so, if the law says 'you can not drive when you took alcohol >50 mg/dl blood level.' you mostly drive drunk and look for the roads police does not control. The better law must be i think: 'if you took alcohol, do not drive faster than 50 km/h. thats all!'
13timesaday, Jul 18 2003

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       Nurse. My sides.
sild, Jul 18 2003

       //look for the roads police does not control//
Police control all road as far as I'm aware.

//if you took alcohol, do not drive faster...//

Noooo...just do not drive!

[13] You being a doctor should be aware of the deaths and injuries sustained from stupid plonkers thinking they can safely keep control of a motor vehicle.
silverstormer, Jul 18 2003

       This is plain wrong for reasons too numerous to mention. It also appears to be advocacy and hence [marked–for–deletion].
BTW, who on earth gave it a Croissant? -
gnomethang, Jul 18 2003

       Signed in just so I could 'bone this. If you drive under the influence of alcohol, you're an idiot, and you deserve to go to jail. If you really think that it's OK to drive under the influence of alcohol as long as you drive slowly, you're also an idiot, and shouldn't be driving at all.
angel, Jul 18 2003

       Don't drink and post CRAP
thumbwax, Jul 18 2003

       whats that crap he's drinking?
po, Jul 18 2003

       I know about the private property bit, just seemed stupid to mention it. If your driving home from the pub, I think its a rather rare case that you wouldn't need to use a road. Here in the UK I can not think of any roads that aren't policed by the er...police.

If your driving on private property why do you need a law in the first place?
silverstormer, Jul 18 2003

       Maybe we could salvage this by requiring:
-- All cars must be fitted with a breathalyzer that starts the engine;
-- You can't start the car unless you've breathed into the breathalyzer while turning the key;
-- The breathalyzer computer sets the speedometer never to go above (x) kilometers per hour.
-- If you're too soused, the car won't start, period.
phundug, Jul 18 2003

       Anyone who thinks that he can control a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol is a clear menace to society. The better law would be that drunk drivers are thrown into an asylum for the dangerously insane and left there to rot.
DrBob, Jul 18 2003

       just take one of those cab services that drives your car, then you still get to drive in your own car but you don't have as much of a risk of crashing....
SystemAdmin, Jul 18 2003

       That would be baked, since it's already the case. They don't generally have laws against things people don't want to do (e.g. eating dirt, etc.).
snarfyguy, Aug 02 2003


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