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limit speed by car model

Why does a Porsche have the same speed limit as a Geo
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Speed limits should be entirely based on the type of car you drive. High performance, more expensive and safer cars are allowed to go faster. A national safety board would determine how well each car could perform at each speed and then give it a limit. So a Ferrari 360 would be allowed to go 120 because it handles so well and has such good brakes. A BMW 525 would be allowed to go 100 because they are heavier and don’t handle quite as well as a Ferrari. But a Ford Explorer would only be allowed to go 55 because they have such horrible brakes, handle so poorly and flip over like it’s their job.
thejini, Aug 01 2003

rolled over geo http://www.rollover...racker_Rollover.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

rolled over gmc http://www.pecos.ne...es2002/rollover.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

nissan about to roll over http://www.dynres.com/suv.gif
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

rolled chevy http://www.town.oak...ges/crash_suv_3.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

rolled ford http://www.alexande.../truck-rollover.gif
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

rolled ford http://www.sptimes....os/wor-explorer.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

rolled ford http://ash.org/images/rollover2.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

a porche NOT rolling over http://www.ticino.c...mages/slalom021.jpg
[thejini, Oct 04 2004]

fast car http://www.ugcs.cal...tmlit?Fast_Car.html
an altogether better fast car [neilp, Oct 04 2004]

Flipped 911 http://www.wreckede...11_20030608_003.jpg
Tire blowout, just like the Explorer. ;-) [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Rolled 911 http://www.wreckede.../911_112202_003.jpg
Maybe he should have a been driving a Suburban. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Cleverly parked Ferrari http://www.wreckede.../360_110902_001.jpg
Yeah, he should've gone faster . . . [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Rolled Modena http://www.wreckede.../360_102302_002.jpg
Clearly in the hands of a superior driver. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Two 360s doing airplane impressions http://www.wreckede.../360_042202_001.jpg
[bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Stopping distance calculations http://www.sdt.com....TOPPINGDISTANCE.htm
[friendlyfire, Oct 04 2004]


       read the other ideas in this section first.
By momentum - genius
By skill - perhaps
By car performance - err, no, that's a ridiculous idea, if anything I'd rather it was inversely proportional
neilp, Aug 01 2003

       //if anything I'd rather it was inversely proportional// sounds good to me; you'd have semi-trucks that suck at handling going 100mph and they'd totally cream a schoolbus full of kids that changed lanes too fast -or if it was proportional to your car's handling- you could be doing 90 in your BMW and be able to brake in time to not kill all of the kids.
thejini, Aug 01 2003

       Speed limits don't seem to stop people from going however fast they want to anyway...
DeathNinja, Aug 01 2003

       [thejini] Iet me guess, you've got a fast car, and drive like a tosser ?
neilp, Aug 01 2003

       sp: brake
hazel, Aug 01 2003

       [haz] - I thought it more amusing to leave it in .. otherwise I'd've mentioned Porche too
neilp, Aug 01 2003

       There is a very well known case of exactly this system being already in operation in Australia. A certain wealthy and well connected adman ("Singo" to his mates) was caught doing well over 150 km/h in a 60 km/h zone in his Bently Type R.   

       The magistrate accepted submissions that the car was "designed" for "safety at high speeds" and let Singo off with a rap on the knuckles.   

       Similar presentations by less well connected drivers have met with derision from the bench.   

       So perhaps you not only need to have a "good" car, but also to design the advertising for the ruling political party of the day?
LuoJi, Aug 02 2003

       I'm on a few Ferrari boards. If someone indicates they went X+ fast on public roads, they get chastised by 95% of the owners, 75% of the non-owners. I fall into the latter category.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       no way ! i have a child and no way would i want some dumb ass driving behind me with the right to go that fast. i think all cars should have a govenor of 70 mph! become a race car driver if you want to go that fast. do you realize a large percentage of accidents are because of driving too fast! wether its a sports car or not, your car will fail eventually. all it takes is a wet spot in the road or any distraction. think about it.
bobbye, Aug 03 2003

       So now when checking if it's okay to pass, I have to worry if there's a Ferrari a mile and a half back that could be in my blind spot before I'm done changing lanes?   

       Raise speed limits, sure, but everyone has to go the same speed or there will be a lot of extra dead people.
xicl, Aug 03 2003

       Also, bear in mind that if you sneeze while doing 120mph, you'll drive over 40 metres with your eyes closed.   

       Now, look out the window at something 40 metres away. Eep.
friendlyfire, Aug 03 2003

       The only way this could possibly get any more fishbones is if speed limit was determined by IQ, or if we found some way to genetically engineer the speeding gene out of people with the use of nanites.
sartep, Aug 03 2003

       Speeding tickets are already issued by car model- in the 9 months I owned my 1966 Corvette, I got 5 speeding tickets- none were for more than 5 mph over the posted limit, one was for 56 in a 55...   

       Couldn't sell it fast enough. Bought a station wagon, I can cruise at 80 mph all day and never get ticketed. If you want to drive fast get a minivan.
whlanteigne, Oct 02 2005


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