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luck potion

grind lucky(erythrina) beans and boil in water
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The small, shiny red and black beans of the Erythrina tree, native to Africa (notably KwaZulu Natal) are often called 'lucky beans'. I wonder if there is any credence behind the monicker, and if merely having a few of them around one's person is enough to induce luckiness. Perhaps imbibing a fluid made of the ground up beans could enhance their purported power? They are known to be toxic to humans if ingested, but perhaps death by lucky bean would ensure luck in the after life? Hopefully the side effects arent too vicious, though. I imagine dying of severe stomach cramps while anticipating blissful, luck filled Nirvana can't be the most enjoyable experience... Maybe the beans could be ground into a fine powder and sprinkled over one's shoes, ensuring safe and fortuitous travels, or rubbed into one's hair to bring lucky encounters with like-minded (and like- haired) individuals. Bean pondering this one for a while now...
Edie, Feb 15 2018

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       Great category...
RayfordSteele, Feb 15 2018

       Should you, perhaps, have kept the cow?
pertinax, Feb 16 2018

       Felix Felicis?
notexactly, Feb 16 2018

       the cow was actually a bull, pertinax. so no. i shouldnt have kept it. right. planting those shiny beans now....annnnd...ACTION!
Edie, Feb 19 2018


       Act one: Photosynthetic garganuarism.
Act two: "Fe Fi Fo Fucky, I smell a bean what thinks its lucky."
Act three: Eldorado ovum explosion.
Act four: Nothing to harp about.

       {The End}   

       act V. fi fee foe flum.. my dog ate one.. he grew wings and flew away... lucky dog.. .had his day
Edie, Mar 01 2018


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