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So upgrades are simpler

There are some things al laptops need, Screen, keyboard, touchpad etc. The difference between them is always the hardware inside, the CPU and motherboard etc.

By having a 2-part laptop these things can be sold separately so that upgrading can be made much easier. You would buy a screen and keyboard module and then buy a separate box which fits in the back (like a very large battery with a standard size for each brand) which contains the brains. When you want to upgrade you keep the screen and just replace the brains, or when the screen brakes that can be replaced.
-- miasere, Aug 09 2007

Laptop uprades
Seems that there's not much to upgrade as a enduser. [skinflaps, Aug 09 2007]

Detachable laptop screen detachable_20laptop_20screen
[lee] [skinflaps, Aug 09 2007]

Detachable laptop screen
Posted twice here on the site as this has relevance to both ideas, read down a little "Owners will simply need to replace the main body rather than the entire device - so they don't have to fork out for a screen that they don't necessarily need to upgrade." [skinflaps, Aug 09 2007]

//a separate box//

Sounds like a desktop. I would have thought that it might be cheaper to buy a new laptop.

Edit: looks like some people may have this in the oven in one form or another.
-- skinflaps, Aug 09 2007

The whole package would be the same size as a standard laptop, so it is still much smaller than a desktop. It would also be portable as it would contain a battery.

It should be cheaper than a complete laptop as you dont need to buy a new screen, which would reduce the price by £100-£200. The whole unit together would probably be slightly more expensive so this is for people who like to upgrade.
-- miasere, Aug 09 2007

Thanks [skinflaps], didnt see that.

I guess checking the catagories is dependant on your perspecive on the idea.
-- miasere, Aug 09 2007

Someone has actually proposed a sensible, beneficial, implementable product concept on HB.

Go away, you're in the wrong place :-)

Got a bun from me, anyway.
-- AllyAl, Aug 09 2007

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