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Extreme flushes.

This toilet would flush by sucking water from the bowl and then emptying it down the drain. It would have a five-farad capacitor which would store a charge and then unleash it on a large vacuum piston. This would cause the windows in most houses to blow IN and all the waste material to go down the drain. If there was no capacitor all the lights would dim whenever you flushed the toilet.
-- Amishman35, Feb 13 2001

Their'Smore's link as a link http://www.vakutech.com/home.htm
[StarChaser, Dec 29 2001]

Straight Dope Vacuum Toilet Tale http://www.straight...lassics/a5_260.html
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You'd have to make sure you weren't sitting on it at the time. The consequences don't bare thinking about
-- Gordon Comstock, Feb 14 2001

Why? Because newer, wimpy 1.6 gallon toilet plus old, narrow, decrepit plumbing equals 5 flushes and 17 strokes of the plunger. That's why. Nice idea, except for the part about the windows blowing in. My lights already dim when I flush the toilet. Go figure.
-- PotatoStew, Feb 15 2001

I'm pretty sure that in the US, a new installation of an old, water-wasting toilet is illegal.
-- PotatoStew, Feb 18 2001

This is true, I hear there is big Canadian black market for these old toilets.
-- blahginger, Feb 18 2001

Where can you get a 200-volt 5 farad capacitor? I want one! Thats 1000 colombs, right there! The dipole would be huge! (can anyone tell me *how* huge? I'd imagine it would depend on the inter-plate distance)
-- badoingdoing, Feb 18 2001

When I was in B School, the instructors would charge those things up and leave them lying around the shop, to see ifa nybody would pick one up - it'll throw you clear across the room!
-- Scott_D, Feb 19 2001

Hmmm! Perhaps an all soup diet could solve the problem in a less exciting manner.
-- DrBob, Feb 19 2001

But it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun...
-- StarChaser, Feb 19 2001

Wouldn't a five farad capacitor be bigger than the toilet itself? Where would you keep it?
-- CmngNscrwd, Apr 07 2001

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Like most things worth inventing, this one was.
-- TheirS'more, Dec 28 2001

Prob'ly baked in Japan. They love that kinda stuff over there. TheirS'more: Use the link called "link" to post a link.
-- snarfyguy, Dec 29 2001

Toilets are theft
-- steamfreak, Dec 31 2001

No, burglary is theft. Toilets are waste disposal.
-- StarChaser, Jan 01 2002

five-farad capacitor+bad insulation+damp toilet seat. Ouch! I imagine the resulting muscle spasm would prety much fire the contents of you bowls around the ubend anyway(Of possible fire it in a straight trajectory through the floor!).
-- dare99, Jan 01 2002

Whatever happened to putting the tank a good 2 meters off the floor like they used to? It makes for good flushing power without using too much water
-- Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 09 2002

Bad bad bad idea. See Straight Dope on this for true horror story.

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-- dandr, Apr 01 2002

Ive actually seen toilets that utilize both water and compressed air to flush. They are called water conservation toilets. This dual action toilet has a more powerful flush than a standard toilet without electricity or wasted water. The toilet industry is ahead of you, Amishman.
-- non-eatable, Aug 12 2002

Baked, but in space.
-- Jake, Jul 07 2005

In Canada some people use toilets that have small spa jets in them. (Macerator toilet?)This is particularly useful for toilets in the basement or in garages where you can't jackhammer the concrete. (because your wife won't let you.) Dave has one at his house.

What is this five farad capacitor? I could Google it but you guys are smarter.
-- Brian the Painter, Jan 06 2013

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