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He's melting...

You know those little games you find on websites where you can deform images? I think they're fun. Wouldn't it be neat if you could do that with 3D objects (on computer).

This program would allow you to load or draw any 3D object (possibly steal some from the computer game you're playing) and deform it with your cursor. It might get a bit confusing with the depths and stuff, but it shouldn't be too hard. When you're finished, you can either put it back or load it into the game anew.

Hilarity will ensue.
-- dbmag9, Jul 02 2006

Tamagotchi on Dreamcast controller http://www.hardware....asp?aid=134&page=1
Tamagotchi on Dreamcast controller [monojohnny, Jul 02 2006]

Morph your character, and load other peoples characters automatically. [daseva, Jul 03 2006]

Cosmic Blobs
Kinda baked. Very interesting technology. [moomintroll, Jul 03 2006]

3D programs can do this. Alternatively, if you have a 2D image, you'll want photoshops' distort filters.
-- kuupuuluu, Jul 02 2006

//put it back or load it into the game anew//

Like that idea - Sonic on the Dreamcast had functionality like that - you could collect tamogochi-characters and load them onto memory sticks,play with them and put them back later.

As [kuupuuluu] says, if you had access to the actual 3d coords of the characters, you could do this quite easily - the game would have to allow you download that info.
-- monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

3D Liquify filter, I like the sound of it.
-- wagster, Jul 02 2006

I dont know those little games. Link some up, please.
-- bungston, Jul 02 2006

[bungston] linked a Dreamcast link. They were LCD low-res games - nowhere the functionality of this post - but similar in the principle that you download them, interact with them outside of the game and put them back.
-- monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

theres a mod for half life 2 called garrys mod. they're implementing something very similar to this in-game
-- lostmind, Jul 03 2006

'Spore' relies on this kind of idea for most of it's more interesting features.
-- daseva, Jul 03 2006

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