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50 hour day   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Scoientifically justified lengthened celebration

Celebration days (birthdays, anniversaries, bank holidays, days off, etc) should be reckoned to be happening as long as some legal territory in the world recongises that date. Effectively this means that each day lasts 50 hours, from +14 to -12 time zones.

Tuesday lunchtime: Its my birthday! You owe me a drink

All day wednesday: hic.

Thursday morning: Its still my birthday. Feck off and do what I tell you you ungrateful runt.

Thursday afternoon: I feel sick. But its still my birthday so feck off.
-- pocmloc, Apr 20 2020

Tidal locking https://en.wikipedi.../wiki/Tidal_locking
WKTE [8th of 7, Apr 21 2020]

Office staff with sequential birthdays won't be office staff long.

-- whatrock, Apr 20 2020

This also makes it harder to miss a birthday, as it will still be the individual's special day as you re-lace their shoes for them in the police station waiting room.
-- calum, Apr 20 2020

If you choose a planet (like Mercury) that's tidally locked to its primary, your "day" can go on for a very like long time...

<Points reproachfully at sub-heading/>
-- 8th of 7, Apr 21 2020

-- pertinax, Apr 25 2020

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