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Public: Contracts
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Or, "If I had a nickle for every time ..."

Build this idea into an employment contract wage discussion and use this standard instead of arbitrary merit pay increases.

Essentially, merit increases for listening to crap that never ceases to amaze.
-- reensure, Jan 22 2001

i'm not sure i understand.
-- gnormal, Feb 16 2001

5¢... I asked why someone was doing something, like changing air conditioner settings, and the reply I get is "How else can I get comfortable?"
-- reensure, Feb 16 2001

i stopped a taxi headed uptown.
i said, "canal and broadway."
he said,"i'm going uptown."
you got my vote.
-- gnormal, Feb 16 2001

If I had a nickle for every time I had to help panicky, computer phobic people over the phone... waaaait.
-- centauri, Feb 16 2001

5¢ ... for every 20 paperclips I can pull out of the carpet by that desk right now. centauri: I think that's called 'job security'.
-- reensure, Feb 16 2001

-- DesertFox, Feb 08 2005

"Before you go, could you just..." Kerching!!!
-- wagster, Feb 08 2005

-- changokun, Feb 09 2005

"Why are you strapped upside down to the beam line of a nuclear research reactor wearing nothing but a George W. Bush mask, a fluffy pompom covering your genitalia, and a thin layer of motor oil?"

"If I had a nickel for every time I heard that... well, I guess I'd have 17.5¢."
-- Detly, Feb 09 2005

"Wow, a whole nickel change. What can I do with a nickel?" ... make me 5¢, of course.
-- reensure, Feb 09 2005

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