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"I love it when a big-screen adaptation comes together!"

The Avengers, Mission:Impossible, The Mod Squad... all old TV shows made into movies. Now Charlie's Angels is hitting the big screen. Obviously, the 80s is the next decade in line to be mined by Hollywood for cinematic paydirt. And what better choice for a feature-length film than the A-Team?

The question is, who do we cast in the starring roles? My vision:

Hannibal: Tommy Lee Jones of course.

Templeton Peck (Face): A Baldwin brother (take your pick), or possibly Tom Cruise?

Howlin Mad Murdoch: Jim Carrey seems to be the all-too obvious choice, but maybe he's a bit too over-the-top?

B.A.Baracus: Ice Cube. Or possibly Ving Rhames or Samuel L. Jackson. Heck, let's bring Mr. T back since he's so popular around here...

Other suggestions?
-- PotatoStew, Sep 12 2000

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Baking. Can't tell when it's gonna be done though. [mrkillboy, Sep 12 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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The A-Team Movie (2010)
Oh, well. That settles it: Liam Neeson is Hannibal [Jinbish, Feb 14 2010]

You ain't gettin' me into no movie, suckah!

I guess the storyline would have to involve our heroes being locked up in an old garage with enough tools and equipment to construct their own SDI system, automatic weapons loaded with 'Smart' bullets that never hit people and bad guys so stupid that they have difficulty walking and talking at the same time.

Sounds good to me!
-- DrBob, Sep 12 2000

After posting this, I realized I forgot to include Amy in my cast list. Of course, I then realized that it doesn't matter, because no one can seem to remember what she was doing in the show to begin with.
-- PotatoStew, Sep 13 2000

They better not update The Van (like the cars in the recent Bond movies). It was like one of the most recognisable vehicles in TV history!
-- mrkillboy, Sep 13 2000

Sure, you'd have to replace Hannibal since George Peppard is dead, but why replace any of the other original actors?

Dwight Schultz did OK in several of the new Star Trek episodes, and Dirk Benedict and Mr T. are still around- why not just use them?

Don't forget the original Amy (Melinda Culea)- apparently she's even more attractive today.
-- BigThor, Sep 16 2000

I just wanna see Mr. T team up with He-man in a special adaptation of Dickens' "A Tale of Foo' Pities"
-- AfroAssault, Sep 16 2000

PotatoStew has some great casting choices. Before I opened the page, I thought to myself, "Ice Cube has to be B.A., but nobody's cool enough to think of that." HA! And he could bring his own chains, too....
-- BobStCul, Oct 13 2000

My friends and I have spent a lot of time on this over several dozen beers.

Hannibal - Mel Gibson No explanation necessary!

B.A. - Michael Clarke Duncan Look at the size of him. Yet he has the wouldn't hurt a fly unless they really deserved it personna.

Face - Tom Cruise He is a greasy annoying git but the ladies like him - Just like Face

Murdock - Brad Pitt Just look at his performance in 12 Monkeys. He could defo pull it off.

It would cost quite a lot to pay for all these guys though.
-- bigkenny, Feb 26 2001

Oh and Cameron Diaz as Amy for obvious reasons
-- bigkenny, Feb 26 2001

I have a suggestion about the cast.

Hannibal : Jack Nicholson or Mel Gibson

BA Baracus : Wesley Snipes or MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN (the one who plays with tom hanks in the "green mile" movie)

Mad Murdock : B Pitt is a good choice. J Carrey is a good choice too. Steve Buscemi could be good too. He only played some secondary roles, but he's pretty good (Desperado, Con Air, Armageddon...).

Face : T Cruise seems a good choice. And what about a leonardo di caprio. I don't like this actor very much. But think about it.
-- kim, Jun 01 2001

I think that if Mr. T is up to it, he should play BA. <He's been sick, apparently...> In the commercials he's doing lately, he still looks exactly the same <chains and all>.

I think Jim Carrey would work as Murdock, but Jack Nicholson wouldn't work as Hannibal...Even when he's trying to be nice he looks psychotic. <grin> Kind of like the way various Spielberg cartoons keep making fun of Christopher Walken...Mel Gibson is too cutesy... John Wayne might have worked, but has the unfortunate disadvantage of being dead...
-- StarChaser, Jun 02 2001

I'm not too bothered who plays who...I just want to see what 'hot rod' van they'll be driving
-- havenman, Jun 06 2001

Well im happy just as long as Mr T is around. hes just so kool. In fract screw the A-Team movie lets just make a Movie about Mr T.
-- Lord_Genki, Sep 05 2001

Havenman: Would have to be a PT cruiser. There really arent hot-rod vans anymore...
-- StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

A PT cruiser would have a great look, but I'd like to see you cram the whole A-Team (plus guns) into one. I could see them tearing around in a big ol' Humvee though.
-- PotatoStew, Sep 08 2001

StarChaser, speaking of those Mr. T commercials... isn't that just SPOOKY!? The man doesn't look not the *slightest* bit different nowadays! It's been, what, ~15 years since he was big time? Man! No grey, no flab (not any more than normal, anyway)... that's just ... /WRONG/!
-- absterge, Sep 09 2001

PotatoStew: <grin> That's kind of what I had in mind. Not like the inside of the van bore any resemblance to reality anyway...It would probably end up a Hummvee, one of the cargo configs. Hadn't considered that.

Absterge: Not to mention that he'd apparently been pretty sick for a long time. His hair has been dyed, according to someone I know, but he does look -exactly- the same, otherwise. It is spooky...
-- StarChaser, Sep 09 2001

A Dukes of Hazard film? Now THERE'S an idea......
-- salachair, Sep 21 2001


Come on now, Ocean's Eleven had a heck of a cast, A-Team could do it. I know lots of people who would pay to see that at the theatres. I would! Helluvanidea Potato...

StarChaser... no way. The black van has to make a comeback! The whole cast plus a camera will NOT fit into a PT cruiser. Nice try.
-- Suitonym, Jan 25 2002

I like the idea, but the only way it could possibly be more "baked" would be if the planned A-Team movie was actually in production or done instead of simply at a script stage--like it has been for years.
-- spaceman_spiff, Jan 25 2002

The inside of the van changed size with what they needed to do in it, so a PT cruiser wouid work, but I think they'd end up in a Hummer anyway, because it's 'cooler'. <I like the van better too...>

Salachair: A Dukes of Hazzard movie would be easy to make if they did it the same as the show...Film one car chase from a bunch of different angles, having the cars jump off several ramps, and that's 90% of the movie done right there, along with all the sequels...
-- StarChaser, Jan 27 2002

Salachair & StarChaser: thats baked. Unfortunately its a little disappointing - Daisy Duke is getting on a bit, and many boyhood memories are somewhat spoiled.
-- mcscotland, Jan 27 2002

I've Got It!

"Driving Miss Daisy Duke"
-- thumbwax, Jan 28 2002

She hadn't quite aged that much thumbwax.
-- mcscotland, Jan 28 2002

How about this for a cast list? Hannibal - Richard Dean Anderson B.A. - I agree with the vast majority. If Mr T isn't available definitely Michael Clarke Duncan Face - Dirk Benedict - why change for no good reason Murdock - Dwight Schultz, same reaswon Amy - Jennifer Aniston - she's just cool
-- SteveGauss, Jan 29 2002

re the A-Team movie - you've gotta have George Clooney for Hannibal SURELY?!!!
-- rsutherwood, Jul 31 2003

Heh! How about a British version? Kenneth Brannagh as Hannibal, Hugh Grant as Face, Tom Baker as Howlin' Mad Murdoch and Lennox Lewis as Mr T. They'd use a nice, bright red London bus for transport and the whole thing would be a wonderfully violent version of 'Summer Holiday'. Una Stubbs can even play Amy. Sucky huh?
-- DrBob, Jul 31 2003

I think Dana Carvey would make a great Howling Mad Murdoch. After watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I think Orlando Bloom could do a good job as Face Man if he were unleashed. But it is wrong to speculate that anyone other than Mr T could play BA.
-- bungston, Jul 31 2003

I used to take acting classes in a studio in manahattan. The schedule board indicated that they were rehearsing "A-Team: the Musical" in the building. I thought the receptionists were putting it up as a joke, until I saw the above [link]...
-- dbsousa, Jul 31 2003

I've thought about who I would have as an all star A-team cast several time. After watching Oceans 11 and Three Kings I've come up with my ideal cast... Most of these have already been suggested but here is who I would pick.

George Clooney as Hannibal, who played a great lead character in both movies.

Brad Pitt for Murdock, just because I think he worked well with Clooney and can play a great mad man.

Ice Cube as B. A. of course, it would be a very similar character to his part in Three Kings.

And it would be a toss up between Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg as Face. I'm leaning a little towards Mark Wahlberg but I think either of them could pull off the handsome womanizer roll.

As for transportation, I think they need some thing a little more modern than a van. I could picture either a decked out Escalade or H2.

And of course the movie wouldn't be complete with out Mr. T. Maybe he could hire them to save his youth center. That way he could get involved in some of the action too.
-- EvilDoer, Jul 31 2003

My friends and me discussed this over beers and a campfire. Our final cast was:

George Clooney = Hannibal

Ice Cube = B.A.

Jim Carrey = Murdoch

Brad Pitt = Face

Also how about Shania Twain as Daisy Duke in a Dukes of Hazard remake??
-- poontang, Aug 08 2003

An A+
-- wombat, Aug 08 2003

dbsousa, re: your second link.
<DrEvil> riiiiiiiiiiiight....... </DrE>
-- DrBob, Aug 09 2003

I've thought long and hard and dream of the day when I hear that famous theme tune once again blast through speakers, especially if they updated it like David Arnold has with the Bond soundtracks, a dust brothers rework or maybe the propellerheads would be treat. Once again seeing the famous GMC van (which should remain unchanged), screeching around corners etc. would be incredible

But who to cast?

Hannibal - It's got to be Clooney, everyone thinks so. The evidence was clear as far back as From Dusk Till Dawn right through Out Of Sight, Three Kings and Oceans 11.

Face - Cruise is too big and doesn't do ensemble/supporting roles, I think that James Marsden is the man for the job.

B.A. - The Rock is an excellent choice and one I would not have thought of.

Murdoch - Carrey is too big, too much ego and would ruin the film if he did his crazy/zany thing. How about Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series, he has the comic capability, is not hugely well known and like Dwight Schultz enjoys an incredible cult following.

Colonel Decker - Ed Harris surely.
-- Mr Roberts, Mar 09 2004

If the "The British are Coming!" had been true, the film would be cast as follows:
Hannibal - Ray Winstone
Face - Nigel Havers
B.A. - Brian Blessed
Howlin' Mad Murdoch - Lee frigging Evans, probably.
Colonel Decker - Jeremy Irons.
-- calum, Mar 09 2004

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1. Certain bakers fall upon each "new" justification as if it were a common law decision, binding precedent. Aforementioned bakers seek to apply these "new" justifications.
2. Certain other bakers take this license as applying to them also, and feel free come up with their own entirely spurious justifications.
-- calum, Mar 09 2004

"Carrey is too big, too much ego and would ruin the film if he did his crazy/zany thing"

-- pjd, Mar 09 2004

Ahhemmmm, i think you'll find that your hypothesizing over the actors to play the new a-team characters are a long, long way fromt he mark. There is a film planned and the characters are all going to be black. So back to the drawing board guys. Unless jim carey gets the boot polish out he'll certainly not be afforded the opportunity to play the zany murdoch in the re-make. I aint gettin in no plane foo. Mud-sucker
-- garlic twins, Mar 09 2004

Casting for the A-Team movie? Hmmm. George Clooney would make the best Hannibal. Jimmy Falon or Will Ferrel would make a great Murdock. Face is a tough one, but I think the arrogant womanizer could be played by Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. Being that Mr. T hasn't changed at all, he could be B.A., just to give it that vintage touch that a lot of these TV Show movies lack. But if he doesn't work, I think Michael Clarke Duncan would be the best alternative. But here is an idea that I haven't heard from anyone yet. Just so there is the hot chick present, why not incorporate the character of Amy into the move also. Who remembers Amy? Anyone? Now who could play her? Julia Roberts is too obvious...Catherine Zeta Jones is too classy...Jennifer Aniston is too wimpy...I hate to say it people, but I think Jennifer Lopez could pull it off. PS. Is this movie ever really gonna get made?
-- rymsmart, Aug 06 2004

Just a quick though....Bruce Willis would also be a great fit for Hannibal.
-- rymsmart, Aug 06 2004

I recently found out that the actor who played Howling Mad Murdock was also Lieutenant Barkley on Star Trek. Who knew!

But speaking of scifi, all present must admit that Space McGyver Richard Dean Anderson would be a fine Hannibal. He is all about understated. He could definitely bite the stogie. Plus he now has Peppardian silver hair. Although he looks sort of sickly and thin these days.
-- bungston, Aug 06 2004

You ain't gettin' me into no movie, suckah!

I guess the storyline would have to involve our heroes being locked up in an old garage with enough tools and equipment to construct their own SDI system, automatic weapons loaded with 'Smart' bullets that never hit people and bad guys so stupid that they have difficulty walking and talking at the same time.

Sounds good to me!
-- DrBob, Oct 06 2004

21 Quest: the halfbakery's very own Jackie Harvey.
-- calum, Feb 15 2010

[21]: Did you notice what annotation/link was responsible for churning the idea back up?
-- Jinbish, Feb 15 2010

//Catherine Zeta Jones is too classy//
Wow! Who ever thought they'd see those words arranged like that?
-- coprocephalous, Feb 15 2010

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