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need a guide to get around in here

devise a guide to getting around better in the 1/2 B

I'm sure jutta moves them around for the fun of it
-- po, Sep 08 2001

thank you UB but search seems to take forever

I'd like something more visual

do you have A-Z in Oz??
-- po, Sep 08 2001

shouldn't you be asleep?
-- po, Sep 08 2001

Left side, 'idea' section, 'by name'. That alphabetizes them. So, this is baked.
-- StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

Starchy it takes forever -

UB please help me get my brain around how it is 10 a.m. on both sides of the world?
-- po, Sep 08 2001

perhaps your side has started running backwards
-- po, Sep 08 2001

For fast searching use google->search site. Not quite up to date, but that's the price. You can also use email for having private conversations.
-- lubbit, Sep 08 2001

//I'd like something more visual//

Then design it.

...some of the best things in life are simple. In an increasingly Flash/Photoshop world, good design is often judged by complexity & level-of-difficulty. Sometimes a simple, clean, well-thought-out monochrome look will do.

The glory of the Halfbakery is that, among other things, it's message is simple, it's layout clean and sparse, and it's navigation, efficient.
-- iuvare, Sep 08 2001


1. wish I could

2. I go along with what you say - I often think when reading something totally incomprehensibly complicated-"this is crap"
-- po, Sep 09 2001

I would rather you not call me 'Starchy'.

Your idea is going to be slow as well, more so if you add graphics <'something more visual'>. It's still baked.
-- StarChaser, Sep 09 2001

Awww , come on Starchy. I think it sounds cute.

A-Z 1/2B = ?
-- DrBob, Sep 29 2001

How quickly we forget, it would seem.
-- DrCurry, Jul 08 2004

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