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Attention Deficit aid

I've noticed that hands work well as blinders -- to keep out unwanted noise and distracting visuals -- in a workplace where you don't have cubicle walls, and there are people talking and phones ringing and things happening that would catch your attention if you didn't have your thumbs in your ears and your hands covering your eyes -- especially if you are distractable anyway. I have found that the best way to block out unwanted noise is - even better than earplugs - to press your thumbs about an inch below your traguses on either side of your head and shut off your ear canals altogether. It's like a tomb in there. There could be a fire alarm and I wouldn't know. And it is very convenient in this position with my thumbs in my ears, to hold my hands above my eyes like a visor, or more like the blinders they put on horses to keep their attention on the road. And this works very well too. The only problem is that when I want to type something or write something or make a telephone call I have to take my hands away from my sensory organs and I am distractable again.

I wish I had a visor that had an adjustable bendy edge so that I could set it on a scale from "no distractions" to "let everything in", and the structure of the visor was stiff and tightenable and had two thumb-like pads on the ends so I could clamp my traguses closed - and use my hands at the same time to do stuff around the office.
-- JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2006

[JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2006, last modified Mar 28 2016]

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[jurist, Nov 12 2006]

I am also very distractable, and one solution for me is to give people the "stink eye" or the glare that says "shutup". It's not the best solution.

So i like this, but i don't know if having something pressing down onto my traguses all the time will have a permanent effect. I would try noise- cancelling headphones, but the visor is a smart idea. or encase yourself into a sound-proof cubicle, pitch black with only a monitor and a back-lit keyboard.
-- twitch, Nov 12 2006

You need a separate room, with a door. Chances are you'll get it, sooner or later. If you're like me the knowledge of people walking around and talking around you could be sufficient to distract you.
-- jmvw, Nov 12 2006

(-) You obviously do not have or even understand ADD. ADD and being distractable are not equivalent though distractablity can be an extrenal manifestation of ADD. Many people with this affliction spend their entire lives working to compensate for its effects. This device would do little or nothing to help somone with ADD and if anything would create an even greater distraction that is right at hand.
-- jhomrighaus, Nov 12 2006

So you want a hat?
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

[+] for businesses that can't afford cubicles; given the amount of horses that have been replaced by various newfanglement, a pair of old blinders should be pretty cheap.
-- FlyingToaster, Jun 28 2008

Ha ha 10 years later and I'm still in the same open office format. I have figured it out though and the solution is just to not do any work and then there is nothing to get distracted from, which is fine because the people who were distracting me were distracting me because they were (and still are) not doing their work, but now I am not doing my work too, so we are all one big happy family of non work doers, the city government.
-- JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2016

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