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Comedy via chat/IM

I've had a few comments made to me by friends and well-wishers that maybe ... just MAYBE I should try-out stand-up comedy as a secondary source of income. But, unfortunately, I don't really have the cajones/time/ACTUAL comedic material to get up on stage and get laughs. But over IM is a different story. There I can edit my comments before I submit them to the listening party, and come up with some really good material, improvizing as I type. Give up-and-coming artists features and live feeds from websites, letting the imagination of the online audience drive the comedic routine.

From the online venue, comics can be voted onto a live stage, where they can do their stand-up, and develop their routine. Provide new comics with free broadcasts at first, and as their popularity grows, start charging a subscription fee. Bring the fans along for the ride from AIM nerd to the big time comedic genius.
-- Letsbuildafort, Mar 01 2004

[fort], I think you need to take a motorcycle ride.....
-- normzone, Mar 01 2004

Yes - yes I do. Unfortunately, its no longer street legal. By any means.
-- Letsbuildafort, Mar 01 2004

It's a good idea, as I voted for it, but the thing is... most stand-up comedy isn't just in the material... a great deal of it is in how you say it, and how you emphasize the punch-line. The text-messaging part of AIM wouldn't really allow for much versatility in that respect, but if you connected to eachother via voice as well, then it might turn out far better. Also, you're forgetting that written humor and spoken humor are in many ways two totally different things. Think about things you might write, and chances are if you say them outloud they don't seem quite the same... and Vice Versa. But a good idea nonetheless.
-- MrDark, Mar 02 2004

Fishbun for you.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 02 2004

Perhaps my aim is a little off on this one.
-- Letsbuildafort, Mar 02 2004

da dummm, tshhhhh (sp?)
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 02 2004

Thank you, thank you. I'm here till Thursday!
-- Letsbuildafort, Mar 02 2004

I could see where you could broadcast "shows" using something like TeamSpeak or another Voice chat. Would be interesting
-- excaliber, Mar 02 2004

+, since this is the only medium in which I can be even mildly entertaining (or interesting for that matter).
-- half, Mar 02 2004

Ditto. I usually can come up with something funny in real life, but everyone interrupts me!
-- spacecadet, Mar 04 2004

Sartep439: Sorry, I'm late, I just flew in from Chicago.
Sartep439: That was a long flight!
Sartep439: Take my wife...
Sartep439: ...for example.

-- sartep, Mar 07 2004

Start a weblog, maybe.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 07 2004

I wanna get back into stand-up too. I still think this could be a unique art form akin to those celeb IM sessions. Where the audience asks one question and the commedian gets to respond or tell stories.
-- sartep, Mar 07 2004

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