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Sport: Motorsport
ATV Polo   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Replace horses with horse power!

Create a suitable playing surface using cut sand or gravel instead of grass, to allow easier cornering and softer landings. Instead of using boards around the perimeter, use banked burms to allow easier cornering and faster turnarounds. Jumps, moguls and other hazards add to the fun.

The mallets might have to be shortened a bit, since ATV's ride lower than horses, however the regulation ball and goal can still be used.

Disclaimers: Full face helmet, motocross pads and wrist guards are required. Liability waiver is a must. Automatic ATV's are recommended, shifting is a bitch with one hand. On site lawyers to assist you with drafting a quick last will and testament before gametime. Not recommended for anyone with heart, back or neck conditions. Not recommended for anyone who desires to see next tuesday. May result in natural selection.
-- Mr Burns, Jul 24 2002

Visions in an all terrain mint here.
-- dare99, Jul 24 2002

Softer landing on gravel? Flying rocks? Ouch. But Buns for the carnage of it all. Make sure the spectator's area is close to the playing field too.
-- dag, Jul 24 2002

Since grass wouldn't last very long, I figured pea gravel or cut sand would hurt less than hard packed earth. Carnage indeed!
-- Mr Burns, Jul 24 2002

We did something very much like this before. It involved ATVs inside a mall playing hide and seek (if I recall correctly), but also mentioned polo and other sports using ATVs.

I can't find it now, so I guess this one may as well replace it.
-- phoenix, Jul 24 2002

Motor-cycle polo was a common pastime among pilots at WW2 fighter airfields.
-- angel, Jul 25 2002

Kinda baked in a Nissan Pathfinder commercial of about two years ago, but I guess that was SUV polo. Helmets, mallets, everything. They were playing polo on a brilliant green field on the edge of a huge cliff. Beautiful spot. Used a great track by The Who.
-- earl, Jul 25 2002

phoenix, you're thinking of my now-defunct "ATV Mall Tag" idea.

I've seen this done using a giant ball. No mallets... you just drive into it to propel it.
-- waugsqueke, Jul 26 2002

Is a growing sport on push bikes, hadn't thought of it on a quad before!
-- Skrewloose, Jan 13 2009

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