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An online art project and social experiment, A Little Giving allows people to recieve small random gifts from strangers..thus brightening one's day and enhancing global happiness.

It works like this, in a nutshell

1. you post your address 2. people send you stuff 3. you post pics and comment online about the stuff you recieved
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010

Behold! The halfbaked became baked!
didn't take long to whip up actually [simonj, Oct 28 2010]

What a good idea. [8th of 7, Oct 28 2010]

That would be a nice thing. How do you stop the losers who deface facebook memorial pages from doing their thing on this site?
-- infidel, Oct 28 2010

Eternal vigilance I suppose...
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010

Are the gift recipients anonymous, or are they your favourite blogger, twitterer, halfbaker?

I sometimes read blogs and feel the urge to send the the blogger a book that either: a) I think they would enjoy, or b) would prompt an enjoyable blog entry or book review. However I don't because they probably would feel weird about receiving books from strangers.

All that is really needed is a comment on their blog, that gifts are welcome (perhaps with a PayPal account number, or wish list link).

If the idea is anonymous-to-anonymous gifting the problem I can see with this idea is that recipients will outnumber givers. Maybe make it more like a secret-santa gift ring so you have to be a giver to be a receiver.
-- xaviergisz, Oct 28 2010

Hi xaviergisz, I had thought of this as stranger-to-stranger...I suppose the "payoff" for the giver would be to see their gift up on the blog, and maybe read nice things about themselves.
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010

I like and I would like a little lacey thingamajig sent directly to me. I would then send a sort of same like thing to someone, rather promptly.
-- blissmiss, Oct 28 2010

Ooh, lingerie exchange. How do I determine sizes?
-- normzone, Oct 28 2010

I'll send you one of my red 42EE numbers, with matching briefs, [blissmiss]. Deal?
-- infidel, Oct 28 2010

Ooh, yes, I would like to receive strange homemade contraptions and devices. But I hesitate to post my address in case I start receiving death threats and packets of dog poo.
-- pocmloc, Oct 28 2010

well if you're prepared to take the risk...the site's live!
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010

Isn't this like answering random posts on Freecycle?
-- hippo, Oct 28 2010

Not sure..I'm not familiar with Freecycle
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010


// one of my red 42EE numbers, with matching briefs //

Oooh ! Oooh ! Yes please !

// death threats and packets of dog poo //

What about death threats OR packets of dog poo...?
-- 8th of 7, Oct 28 2010

Anyone else want to volunteer to get stuff from your fellow half-bakers? You can use an alias if you like.
-- simonj, Oct 28 2010

-- blissmiss, Oct 29 2010

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