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A Post Office in the Airport   (+12, -2)  [vote for, against]

You get to the airport security check and someone's looking at an X-ray of your hand luggage. The next thing you know they're tipping it out and confiscating your nail clippers, home body-piercing kit, mole wrench and favourite Swiss Army knife. You fear they're going to confiscate these things but to your relief, all they ask you to do is to go into the small Post Office next to the security area, buy a padded envelope and send the items to your home address by surface mail, and then rejoin the queue.
-- hippo, Sep 28 2006

Delivery Service by [ddn] in 2005 Delivery_20Service
Note the *Checkpoint Mailer* link especially. [jurist, Sep 28 2006]

+ Does this package contain dangerous items?
[ ] yes
[ ] no
[x] not really, but the TSA thinks so.
-- Zimmy, Sep 28 2006

I did exactly this at London's Luton Airport last year.
-- xenzag, Sep 28 2006

blimey, London gets bigger all the time.
-- po, Sep 28 2006

Don't most airports have Post Offices in them already?
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 28 2006

Do they accept small children?
-- Ling, Sep 28 2006

They've been doing this in Boston (Logan) since they started confiscating. However, they do it themselves and it's not reliable.
-- Shz, Sep 28 2006

If it's going in with the checked baggage, you could elect to use the "Lucky Dip" option where you give up your dangerous item and at the other end, receive a random dangerous item from the ones confiscated on your flight. You could lose your nailclippers but get back a claw hammer.
-- hippo, Sep 29 2006

Baked; earlier this year I forgot to remove my multitool from my bag before flying, and mailed it home from a tiny airpost kiosk next to the security lines.

I like [hippo]'s variation too.
-- wiml, Sep 30 2006

They have a mail station for this purpose, with envelopes and all at Chicago Midway Airport. I have yet to understand how it is intended to be used, since they located it on the airside of the security checkpoint........
-- TitaniumZ, Jul 25 2012


You know the next step is they'll let you send it Air Mail to your destination for a price.
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 25 2012

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