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A game no-one plays   (+39)  [vote for, against]

Digitally remove every player from a taped game of soccer or football, leaving only the ball behind. Add appropriate music. The ball will seem to jump and dance of it's own free will, performing a bizzare ballet to the rapture of the adoring crowd. And when the ball finally plunges itself in the net at the crescendo, the crowd go wild with appreciation.
-- simonj, Feb 06 2009

What this one?, Free_20us_20from_20...20pay_20for_20it_29
free us from the tyranny of advertisers [simonj, Feb 07 2009]

Smartball tracker http://www.heraldsu...rf9jf-1225805934930
Looks like this will make it all possible [simonj, Dec 01 2009]

This should be done live, with a robot ball.
-- bungston, Feb 06 2009

No need for robots, this is hamster work.
-- Laughs Last, Feb 06 2009

Or you could make just one player invisible, for an occasional surprise.
-- phundug, Feb 06 2009

A lot of work, but well worth it I reckon. I suspect it would be easier to just track the ball position and then render a cgi ball onto an empty pitch, with appropriate camera moves.
-- wagster, Feb 06 2009

Or move the ball 2 metres to the left, reverse the path of the ball completely, or superimpose one game's ball on another game's players, on a third game's crowd. Utterly ridiculous [+]
-- MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 06 2009

See if you can merge ideas with. Free us from.............. under the business category. This would be perfect!!!
-- porge, Feb 07 2009

From the title, I knew this would be about soccer.
-- Amos Kito, Feb 07 2009

Coming soon to a music video near you [+]
-- BunsenHoneydew, Feb 08 2009

I think it would be funnier to digitally remove the ball. +
-- colorclocks, Feb 09 2009

With different coloured balls you could save time by watching several games at once.
-- hippo, Feb 09 2009

Maybe just leave the goalkeepers, making them look foolish as they concede against nothing.
-- Germanicus, Feb 09 2009

Newspapers could run "Spot the player" competitions.
-- hippo, Feb 09 2009

No, just leave the referee.
-- marklar, Feb 09 2009

Laugh as he brandishes red cards.
-- Germanicus, Feb 11 2009

This doesn't have to be just about soccer, virtually any ball game could be used.
-- simonj, Feb 11 2009

+ good 'un!
tennis would be boring...worse yet, ping-pong!
-- xandram, Feb 12 2009

-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2009

//virtually any ball game could be used.// No, I think this is actually interesting as a way of classifying ball games: with some, it would be amusing, with others, not. The excitement of bowling is unchanged, under this transformation; how about golf, or billiards?
-- mouseposture, Dec 02 2009

I think that this would be fun for american football. Just remove the defense and watch the offense spaz out for no apparent reason.
-- normzone, Dec 02 2009

Some of the appeal of beach volleyball would be lost.
-- hippo, Dec 02 2009

[hippo], brilliant!

Ice Hockey too would lose at least half the fun, basketball would be OK though.
-- Germanicus, Dec 02 2009

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