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A glovebox smash pack

No glovebox should be without a smashpack. It contains:

* A small disposable camera for recording the damage and scene for insurance/police.

* A small first aid kit including water/chocolate for isolated breakdowns

* Emergency numbers printed on the box.

* Forms for swapping insurance details. The forms make sure you don't forget any details, and there's a pen, too.

* A small warning signal light/torch combo for night accidents.

What else?
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 07 2004

"Here's a handy little prize that's had us all at Win4now saying "Coo, I wish I'd thought of that". " http://www.win4now....on/accident?ID=null
Accident kit. [half, Oct 08 2004]

The Bambino Mk2 Accident & Emergency Kit
Similar kit to the one above but with fire extinguisher. [oneoffdave, Oct 08 2004]

a croissant of course !
(for [not_only_but_also]).
-- neilp, Oct 07 2004

a gps thing ?
a flare ?
-- neilp, Oct 07 2004

Not intending to turn this into a list, but I'd recommend a thermal blanket or two and hand warmers (for winter crashes).
-- DrCurry, Oct 07 2004

A carrier pigeon, trained to fly home with a note to call for help. Or a cell phone.
-- Worldgineer, Oct 07 2004

A gorgeous, soft and cheery puppy, to distract the burly and aggrieved driver of the van you mashed your Fiat Punto into, allowing you a moments distraction, so you can flee into the pale morning, on a Shetland pony (also included).
-- calum, Oct 07 2004

Handgun to help settle the post collision disputes.
-- bristolz, Oct 07 2004

Neato. +
-- sartep, Oct 07 2004

oh come on - shetland pony in the glove?

brrrr. please tell me where the fan thing is?
-- po, Oct 07 2004

Here's an idea: go to the supermarket, buy these items you list, put them into a parcel, then put the parcel into your glovebox. Isn't this just common sense?
-- vigilante, Oct 08 2004

That's one heck of a supermarket you got yourself there.
"I'll have a six pack and that nine millimeter in the display case"

Are you from Texas?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 08 2004

That reminds me, where's [destructionism]?
-- Machiavelli, Oct 08 2004

This is almost common sense I am impressed someone has it...
-- shad, Oct 08 2004

[vigilante] Here's an idea: go to the newsagent, buy a newspaper, cut + glue into a Möbius strip, place in a box with part of the strip showing. Isn't this just common sense? Or do you prefer your Möbius Newspaper prepared for you? ;)

The smash pack's simplicity is that most of the things (except the detail-swap forms and the pony) are readily available. Replacement bits CAN be bought from most supermarkets. Especially if you 'accidently' keep raiding the chocolate supply...

Supermarket disposable cameras are small, but I reckon you could get a custom-made one that takes up even less glove box space. Same goes for the torch, pen, medkit and carrier pigeon.

Having said all that, I think I'm going to [m-f-d] myself due to [half]'s excellent link research. Just what I imagined, too. Maybe I saw this on TV then forgot I'd seen it. :o/
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 08 2004

Ah, but [half]'s link to the accident kit doesn't have chocolate and 2 live animals! Don't you wish they'd asked you before they finalized their product and put it on the market, [not-only]? Now that I know there could be a better product out there but must settle for something mediocre just makes me feel cheated.
-- Machiavelli, Oct 08 2004

Actually, I feel cheated whenever I go to a restaurant and there's no threat/thrill of 100,000 litres of water plummeting down from the roof. Who's idea was that anyway? .... and did it survive the crash of Sept '04?

So many 1/2bakery ideas leave you feeling cheated with the real world. (Except maybe "the scariest rollercoaster. ever." and "Feces Pieces")
-- not_only_but_also, Oct 08 2004

//shetland pony in the glove//
It's collapsible.
-- calum, Oct 08 2004

I'm afraid that if you told me there was chocolate IN the thing, then it certainly wouldn't be in there for long ...

Also - what kind of no-melt super chocolate are you going to have to engineer for folks in really hot climates?
-- Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

Tabs, sorry we make you "feel dirty and ashamed" just by saying common sense

vigilante,+ tabs there are a lot of products that are designed to be sold to people that have no common sense, one of the most perfect and lucrative examples of marketing to one that lacks common sense is the pet rock -

would you say that the pet rock was a bad idea because somone could sell people a product that they already have in their backyard? or obtain for free,

tabs, would you say that this idea is a bad idea just because someone said that it may convey some sort of common sence?

I think that one of the good tests for an idea is, is it marketable.
-- shad, Oct 09 2004

+ I like this. The non-melting chocolate will be difficult, but there could be options for chocolate- flavoured wafers that wouldn't melt.
-- xandram, Apr 22 2014

Of course, Kendal Mint Cake has a higher melting point, and also, lacking theobromine, wouldn't poison [Calum]'s puppy.
-- pertinax, Apr 22 2014

Non-melting chocolate was baked in WWI, then fed to soldiers in WWII--not the same recipe, the same chocolate.
-- Alterother, Apr 22 2014

Sorry I only saw this was posted b4 the smartphone revolution after I voted down.
-- pashute, Apr 22 2014

I read something about necco wafers being immortal. I think the brown One is chocolate.
-- bungston, Apr 22 2014

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