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For one's elf esteem

Next to your username at the top of your profile page would sit a total summary of all plus and minus votes you have registered, and with your croissant or bone score, in the same way as it would next to any idea.
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

Here's one HalfBaker_20_22total_20score_22
[theleopard, Oct 01 2009]

And another Vote_20Difference
[theleopard, Oct 01 2009]

Just one more? Bun_20Average
[theleopard, Oct 01 2009]

Nope, here's another Batting_20average
[theleopard, Oct 01 2009]

Bakers' total scores... List_20of_20Half-Ba...and_20Their_20Ideas
[theleopard, Oct 01 2009]

Halfbakery_20Metric_20System [normzone, Oct 02 2009]

I think I might give this a short life, can't see it being hugely popular.
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

been suggested before
-- dentworth, Oct 01 2009

[dentworth] I did have a bit of a root around the Halfbakery catergory and it's subdivisions, and couldn't find anything. I did think that it was probably unlikely to have not occured to anyone before.

[UnaBubba] It's more to do with my curiosity for statistics that are relevant to me. Obviously for more prolific users, it'd result in a massive total, but you'd only ever score a maximum of two and half buns or fishes.
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

Hey [bubba]

gr. "[FarmerJohn] and I"
-- Custardguts, Oct 01 2009

I think this, or a variation of this, has been posted at least twice.
Because of the 04 crash the (+/-) count wouldn't be accurate,
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 01 2009

I totally missed "The Crash of '04", wandering, as I was, in an internetless state. I know that my account still exists, and that all my ideas appear unscathed, is this a minor miracle? Should I be sacrificing croissants upon an altar every evening to give thanks to [jutta]?
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

(Not that I'm not thankful anyway for the continued existence of this thoroughly enjoyable experience).
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

[Custardguts] - No. Compare:-

"That would give I an unfair advantage."

"That would give me an unfair advantage."

=> "That would give [FarmerJohn] and me an unfair advantage."

[UB] ettiquette: "That would give [FarmerJohn] and me an unfair advantage."

Pissing Contest rules now state that you have to find the error in my anno.
-- egbert, Oct 01 2009

<mental note> A cursory skim based upon what other names you think your idea could've taken is not enough </mental note>

Thank you [theleopard].
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

Ha ha. I bet there's more as well!
-- theleopard, Oct 01 2009

I'm going to give you ten minutes to find as many of those as you can and then I'm canning this non entity.

(I probably won't actually, I'll just pray that it doesn't stay up for too long).
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

Gah! I can't find any more! How long I got left?
-- theleopard, Oct 01 2009

Errrr, minus three minutes, I forgot to pay attention. You have done well though.
-- kaz, Oct 01 2009

Phew. That was 13 minutes well spent.

Some of those really ought to be removed by el moderatio.
-- theleopard, Oct 01 2009

// Some of those really ought to be removed by el moderatio. // On the contrary, they should be preserved for occasions such as this. (With this idea added for the next round.)
-- tatterdemalion, Oct 01 2009

I agree, it's slightly different.
-- daseva, Oct 01 2009

actually I'm curious about UB's average score
-- po, Oct 01 2009

Bones & Croissants for ideas is fine - it gives a little indication of the *popularity* of the idea, or the correctness, or the appropriateness.

Bones & Croissant total score for people? Why?

//Pissing Contest rules //
While, perhaps, not grammatically incorrect, I find ":-" stylisictally unnecessary. A colon will suffice.
-- Jinbish, Oct 01 2009

This idea doesn't go nearly far enough. We need a full blown statistics and analysis package in order to see this place from every angle - tag clouds, pie charts (blueberry), 3D plots of posting-frequency against users against votes. Then we could *really* obsess.

//Should I be sacrificing croissants upon an altar every evening to give thanks to [jutta]?// - Well, duh - of course!
-- wagster, Oct 01 2009

Aren't we missing the obvious here, a bun/bone for the account itself? There are users with neat tidbits there and users with trite an pointless accounts (like mine), and sometimes an account pleases me and sometimes it makes me angry. However then the obvious thing would be to add annotations to accounts, which would be bad (?). (It would be a powerful test of the civility and self confidence of individual users)
-- WcW, Oct 02 2009

[-] Historic votes are unreliable, since The Great Crash of '04
-- hippo, Oct 02 2009

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