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Acid Cooled Silicon Cubes   (+2, -3)  [vote for, against]
3D lead coated silicon mesh cooled and powered with acid.

Currently, it is very difficult to make anything other than flat silicon chips. One of the reasons is that cooling layered chips is very difficult.

My idea is to create individual layers of silicon as you would normally and then coat voltage source areas with lead. The silicon layers are then made into a laminate mesh. This would allow interaction between layers and also a fluid to flow through in one direction.

The final step is to have a small pump which forces acid through the mesh. This reacts with the lead creating a voltage (2V if I remember right, perfect for modern CMOS) and also cools the chip. the acid would then go through a heat sink to cool and be recirculated.

I am using lead and acid but there must be other solid/liquid combinations that create a voltage and may be cleaner.
-- miasere, Oct 28 2008

And remind me how silicon chips are made?
Ah yes, they're etched with acid. [-]
-- coprocephalous, Oct 28 2008

If this is a lead-acid primary cell, then yes, it will generate 2.2V, but the lead will be converted to sulphate; to reverse this, you'll need to reverse the current flow ....
-- 8th of 7, Oct 28 2008

[cop] They are etched with Hydrofloric acid which is very nasty but not actually that acidic. As I said, there must be other liquid solid combinations available. Also, you could just coat it with something that is not etched with acid...which is also widely used in chemical etching so Nyah *sticks tongue out*

[8th], good point, well made. I admit this would be difficult without damaging the chip, so Ill have to think about that.
-- miasere, Oct 28 2008

Just make lots of CMOS diodes.
-- coprocephalous, Oct 28 2008

So a fixed life , cooled lead acid battery thats a super computer .

Very good, the computing in the battery not the battery in the computer .
-- wjt, Oct 30 2008

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