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Fashion: Pants
Action Pants   (+17, -1)  [vote for, against]
Pull the string

Your walking down the street in your comfortable khakis when an armed gunman grabs a lady around the neck and starts pulling her off into his getaway car.

You know it's time to spring into action, so you grab a sting on either side of your pants and give a good pull.

The network of strings in the pants cinch up the ankles, knees, and closes your pockets so you don't lose your change or keys while fighting crime.

You leap into action, jumping over cars, sliding under moving busses, and then freeing her captor with a flurry of kicks, which would be impossible in your regular Gap pants.
-- Giblet, Jun 19 2005

Cinch Pocket Cinch_20Pocket
[daseva, Jun 21 2005]

Emergency Pants http://www.sluggy.c...ily.php?date=020408
+ [sartep, Jun 22 2005]

//an armed gunman grabs a lady around the neck and starts pulling her off into his getaway car//

//and then freeing your captor//

Is there a paradox? You re chasing a gunman who is holding a young woman captive, while, at the same time, you are the woman. Therefore, you are chasing your captor to free yourself. But why would you chase your captor? You would run from your captor.

-- DesertFox, Jun 19 2005

Duly noted.
-- Giblet, Jun 19 2005

-- DesertFox, Jun 20 2005

DesertFox, the second time reading your paragraph for some reason was infinitely funnier then the first.

LOL. Yes, I am actually laughing out loud right now, and having trouble stopping.
-- Giblet, Jun 20 2005

Are these some kind of wooshy balloony snowpants or something? Personally I wear jeans that fit and are already quite action ready. Noted, I would have to trip an "armed gunman" (a redundant phrase) in order to kick him in the head, but what's life without challenges right?

Still, +. "The Transformer Pants--pants to tights in a single pull!"

Upon re-reading my previous sentence I believe I have found a way that your idea is baked.
-- Eugene, Jun 21 2005

kudos. coissant.
-- CombatChuck, Jun 21 2005

Besides the obvious sartorial concerns incumbent upon a gentleman, my guiding principle when buying clothing has ever been:
"Do not purchase anything in which you cannot both run and fight."
-- DocBrown, Jun 22 2005

In our house, action pants refers to a diaper in the state of being soiled, as in the sentence, "wow, sounds like you have some action pants there, kiddo."
-- oxen crossing, Jun 22 2005

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