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the perfect stroke, every time

NHOBO Industries proudly introduces the Adjust-A-Stroke Pool Cue. From power breaks to the lightest taps, the Adjust-A-Stroke Pool Cue can handle them all. Simply dial in the power desired, cock the cue, line up your shot and fire. The patented internal spring mechanism delivers precisely measured power, allowing you to concentrate solely on your aim, and the snap delivery provides increased spin for more precise placement of the cue ball. No more missed shots due to a sloppy stroke. Also handy for those too-small rooms where a full stroke can’t be made.

Adjust-A-Stroke Pool Cue construction utilizes the latest space age materials and technology and is available in a variety of finishes including black Irish linen and Shark skin, which just *looks* like a crappy old cue. Case not included.

Coming soon: Self-chalking tips!
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 20 2007

Spring-loaded pool cue http://www.tetrasoc...loaded_pool_cue.htm
From a project to build custom tools for people with disabilities. [jutta, Jun 21 2007]

Great idea, it would probably be banned in all competions but ideal for the pub table!
-- S-note, Jun 20 2007

Your cue could be a mere 1' long allowing even dwellers of the crampest council house the opportunity to have a pool table in their front room.
-- theleopard, Jun 20 2007

+ I think it sounds good, but read the first anno as *pun table*...not kidding.
-- xandram, Jun 20 2007

Ah, but what about the lateral or vertical movement imparted by the bridging hand, for backspin and/or side? You might have more difficulty getting the timing of the stroke and side co-ordinated.

What about dialling in all three quantities and having a tip with them built in? Then you really do only have to worry about aim - oh, and position on ball...

Could this have been inspired by my old five-piece cue mentioned elsewhere, mayhap? 8~)
-- Cosh i Pi, Jun 20 2007

"Self-chalking tips!" I picture something that works like those china pencils where you peel off that twisty piece of woody-paper to access the next chalked bit.
-- fancypants, Jun 20 2007

Sorry [Cosh], but the inspiration was [wagster]'s cue problem in Cylindrical Snooker. And with the Adjust-A-Stroke Pool Cue, the bridging hand maintains full function.
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 20 2007

Indeed, I realized the bridging hand retained full function - but I think it might be more difficult to co-ordinate between a bridging hand and a mechanical stroke than between a bridging hand and a manual stroke, that's all.

[wagster]'s cue problem (and subsequent discussion) was what brought out the mention of my old five-piece cue, too. I was very proud of that cue, and wish I still had it.
-- Cosh i Pi, Jun 20 2007

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