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Adjustable sink   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Dish washing sink with adjustable height

For people who cannot afford or have no room for a dishwasher. When washing dishes I find that my lower back begins to hurt, this is due to the fact that my sink is too low. This is amplified in older houses which were built when people were of a lower height stature.

I propose some device that lift and lowers the sink to your desired height, some form of telescopic pipe could be used attached to an electronic switch (like a car window switch) with maybe a rubber seal where the two pipes cross over.
-- Fletche, Dec 11 2000

Or you could just stand on a stool or something, and avoid the major mess when the seals wear out...

I've seen built-in steps under sinks, a solid topped box with a pull handle.
-- StarChaser, Dec 11 2000

Or make a floor sink to stand in. Put trap door over Pit when not in use.
-- thumbwax, Dec 11 2000

I like this. I'm taller than is absolutely necessary and find that my back hurts when I do the dishes. My flatmates are proper-seized people and have no complaints. An adjustable height sink would be marvellous, provided it slid up and down easily.
-- calum, Apr 01 2002

I had the same problem with the sink in my first house. I ended up having to get a builder in to raise up the whole bench (counter) at least 6 inches.
-- Helium, Apr 01 2002

Calum, you're not too tall, they're too short. It's not our fault that 90% of the human race is midgets.
-- StarChaser, Apr 01 2002

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