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Product: Remote: Button
Adult Grip for Childproof Remotes   (+3)  [vote for, against]
...and mobile phones, pdas etc.

My niece is getting to the age where she likes fiddling with remote control units.Getting her an 'activity remote' wouldn't solve the problem as she's interested in exploring her world and everything in it. This includes the remote.

As it isn't dangerous and pushing the buttons is a good development activity I don't want to stop her. I do, however, want to stop her changing channels during an exciting time in the rugby.

To this end, I want a child-lock on the remote. Now this, although not common, is baked (I saw it on a video remote once - well actually many times, but always the same remote).

In addition to the child lock (activated and deactivated by a sequence of keypresses) I want a button on each side of the remote which when both pressed together would temporarily over-ride the child-lock. These would be easily pressed and in a position where they would be pushed naturally by an adult hand gripping the remote. This would enable little stickypaws who doesn't have the knowledge (or handspan) of an adult to play with the remote with no consequences and adults to use the remote without having to key in a code every time.

[afterthought] Actually this would also make a good keypad-lock for a mobile to stop you dialing your mother from the bottom of your sportsbag.
-- st3f, Apr 26 2002

Some TVs have a 'hotel mode' which prevents certain functions from being altered, but this is a nice extension. Alternatively, tie your niece's elbows together behind her back.
-- angel, Apr 26 2002

But, st3, this will detract from the developmental benefits for your niece, won't it? Surely, pushing buttons and getting nothing in response won't do her any good.
-- waugsqueke, Apr 26 2002

She also has toys that react to her button pushes. I did think making the remote go 'bip' and 'bong' and have flashing lights but realised that I don't want to encourage her to use it, just not be inconvenienced when she does.
-- st3f, Apr 26 2002

simple. have a large, hairy, realistic looking, spider shaped remote. you could even have the legs motorised, so that it can occasionally leap up a few cm's. neice proof. (though your dog & nephew might be fascinated of course...)
-- mymus, Apr 26 2002

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