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Advanced Mood Ring   (+3, -1)  [vote for, against]
A mood ring for the new millenium

People are stressed out all the time. Being aware you are stressed is the first step to getting rid of your stress.

A mood ring that transmits your blood pressure (maybe a bracelet for better readings) that displays a color reprsentative to your physical symptoms of stress.

This ring wouldbe less of a silly trinket then the old school rings.

The ring would also transmit to receivers in your car, office, and home. A larger version of the ring would be mounted on the wall, and display to you the mood you appear to be in.

As you relax and concentrate and get your vitals down, you can watch your ring fade from red to green.
-- Giblet, Jan 09 2005

Add a grounding strap... this is just what's needed for computer repairs.

Incidentally, why do HRM watches need a monitor on the chest? Is taking a pulse from the wrist not accurate?
-- tiromancer, Jan 09 2005

No, the pulse in the wrist can be up to 20% faster. Honest. [edit: add <sarcasm> </s> around previous phrase]
-- david_scothern, Jan 09 2005

How can that be possible?
-- jutta, Jan 09 2005

People don't have their blood pressure checked often enough. This why they are suggesting dentists take blood pressure readings on their patients as dentists see people more often than doctors.
-- mensmaximus, Jan 09 2005

I found the pulse in my hand will barely register on the tread mill I use, I could be jogging at 126 and all It will register is 60. I wonder if it is due to skin temperature.
-- dentworth, Jan 09 2005

Smokers have enough irritable arterial rebound in their hands from transdermal nicotine that they may have a 20% increase in pulse rate as checked in their radial arteries, caused by widespread contractions of their dependent hand's arterioles. ;-y
-- reensure, Jan 09 2005

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