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Aeolian Sailboats   (+32, -2)  [vote for, against]
Sails that play music produced by the wind

The colorful boats skirted around the lake, each sounding like the sighing of an ancient Greek God. As the wind tickled the reeds that were positioned securely within the fabric of the sails, a whispering moan of music echoed against the rocks, trees and especially the water. Each sail had its own tone. When the wind picked up, the breathing of notes sounded like the beating of a heart inside of a wispy cloud. On and on they sailed and sighed. Often it has been told that one may hear the cries of those who have departed this earth. Their voices cradled in the breath of the wind gods, joyfully.

Tiny chimes placed at the top of the masts tinkled and sparkled little starry notes of faerie voices captured by wind currents to be cast across the sky along with voices of the wind.

( A special thanks included here for 2 Fries Shy for sharing a wonderful link with me that I have somehow lost! If you read this and still have the link for aeolian kites, please post it again. I am also posting the great site I found with aeolian instruments.)
-- xandram, Aug 05 2006

some aeolian instruments and other wonderful items
[xandram, Aug 05 2006, last modified Aug 20 2007]

(?) + I think this was the one [xandram].
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2006]

Aeolian instruments
webpage was moved when shut down [PhaseShifter, Jun 07 2009]

Fantastic idea. Great link too, never knew there was such a field as Aeolian Instruments.

-- monojohnny, Aug 05 2006

how lovely.
-- po, Aug 05 2006

I once sat beside a concert harp, outside on a windy day. It sounded like heaven. [+]
-- baconbrain, Aug 05 2006

Yes [2 fries] thank you! I couldn't believe I lost it, but I had gotten a new computer and it was bookmarked on my old one. Even searching Aeolian Kites did not find it for me.(unless I hadn't recoginized it) Now, we can share this with others who are interested.
-- xandram, Aug 06 2006

"Arr! That be Swan Song, the legendary ship of the Sirens!"
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2006

[monoj] I, myself had not known about Aeolian instruments until recently. Last month I posted an idea for 'musical kites' and that's when 2 fries shared the link. Considering it baked, I deleted the idea, but was still fascinated with the concept.
-- xandram, Aug 07 2006

I have some words for you [Anathema]
Thank you! and welcome to the halfbakery.
-- xandram, Aug 14 2007

Nice. Can we have after-market Aeolian kits for cars too, so they'd sound like pan pipes when travelling at speed?
-- hippo, Aug 15 2007

Anyone who's ever hung out by a marina nows that boats have a music of their very own.

Everyone who's ever tried to sleep on a boat is doubly aware of it.
-- moomintroll, Aug 15 2007

I slept on a boat quite often in my younger days, [moomintroll]. The music of the boat (we were never amongst other boats, so singular) was really quite relaxing.

Except when it said "get up and deal with things, it's getting rather rough"... 8~)
-- Cosh i Pi, Aug 15 2007

[hippo] cool idea. I once had a car with roof racks that made err..kind of scary musical notes when the wind whipped through them.
-- xandram, Aug 15 2007

Nice+. When sailing with my father, he would break into song whenever we went fast enough for the keel cable to start humming. It is one of my fondest memories.
-- bneal27, Mar 23 2008

what is a keel cable? Ive sailed for almost 15 years and have never heard of one.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 23 2008

It's the cable that goes from the keel to a winch on a swing keel sailboat. Swing keels allow you to easily put a larger boat on a trailer. The downside is that if you forget to lower the keel, the boat will blow over very easily.

That’s what you call a bad day on the water and is the reason we no longer own that boat.
-- bneal27, Mar 23 2008

That is a beautiful memory to have [bneal27]. I remember my Mom singing a special song everytime she opened my bedroom curtains when I was a child. Treasure those memories!
-- xandram, Mar 24 2008

When I was small, my mother would place me in a tub of mayonnaise and sing, "rub a dub, three men in a tub" and sprinkle garlic and chips on my head. I would assemble the chips into flotillas and armadas and they would fight on turbulent seas, dodging murky pools of olive oil and eager clutches of septuplilian-headed hydras.
-- mylodon, Jun 07 2009

[mylodon] seems you want to get your load off.
-- 4whom, Jun 07 2009

Was hoping for an idea based on wind-powered vessels made from garlic-flavoured mayo. Disappointed.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 07 2009

[4whom] It may be that you and I have certain divergent conceptualizations.
-- mylodon, Jun 08 2009

[mylodon], aioli wanted to lend an ear...I thought I might be able to help with your troubled past. I am a well balanced person, having a chip on both shoulders.
-- 4whom, Jun 08 2009

thanks to [PhaseShifter] for fixing broken linky page!!
...and those of you wanting garlic mayo it's spelled *ailoi* so you're at the wrong place.
-- xandram, Jun 09 2009

//*ailoi*// Weren't they the peaceful ones in The Time Machine?

sp. "aioli"
-- coprocephalous, Jun 09 2009

haha - I'm one to give advice ??and I spelled it wrong!! That is just so funny...
I actually think it was a typo, but let it stand!
-- xandram, Jun 10 2009

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