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Play Tic-Tac-Toe from your airplane seat

This would only be applicable for planes that have the video screens on the back of the chair in front of you and when you're flying over areas like the middle of the U.S. or Canada where you see giant grids of various agricultural fields. Flight attendants hand out window-clings of X's and O's. You have the option of viewing via camera the landscape beneath the plane and clicking a button to stop the image and play, or you can let it roll and play a speed version with your aisle-mate. Sorry about the lame pun in the title.
-- goober, Sep 14 2005

What you tell the girl Dotty in the seat next to you when you've won...
[normzone, Sep 14 2005]'s fixed now...thanks Dr
-- goober, Sep 14 2005

Couldn't you cheat by using a copy of Google Earth or something?
-- Dub, Sep 14 2005

double-oops...I thought it was referring to a missing 'u', not the 'r' and 'o' thing...really fixed now, and [Dub], this is for boring cross-country flights. You wouldn't want it distracting you from playin' on the bakery would 'ya?
-- goober, Sep 14 2005

I thought that's what Airborne Satcom was for... Keeping in touch with HB?
-- Dub, Sep 15 2005

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