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Aerosolized champagne   (+5)  [vote for, against]

In 50% of movies and music videos champagne isn't so much a drink to be enjoyed but something to spray down your guests with in a juvenile and semi-erotic manner.

In any case I think it is safe to speculate that the new rich will be influenced the media portrayal of champagne, and will prefer to use the beverage for ruining each others clothes rather than for drinking. In such cases, othe champagne is only good until it losses pressure. In order to deliver these customers the best value it would make sense for someone to create a bottle of champagne that isn't for consuming at all and is aerosolized with a spray nozzle, so that it would spray until the last drop.
-- bob, Apr 24 2014

A reusable stopper
[Alx_xlA, Apr 28 2014]

There is too little champagne in the world for this kind of tombollockry. However, you could probably use a cava, or a prosecco, or a US sparkling wine as effectively.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 24 2014

You could have this added to the Protected Origin legislation so that basically industrial flavoured water could be labelled and marketed as "champagne" if and only if it had an aerosol packaging.
-- pocmloc, Apr 25 2014

To correct [MB] *there is too little {really good} champagne in the world*. I'm sure he has most of it in his cellar.
-- xandram, Apr 25 2014

Not since we finished the tunnel.
-- pertinax, Apr 25 2014

-- xandram, Apr 25 2014

I like Champ Pain! I'm the Pain Champ!

The eye irritant could be soap. After all, it's the bubbly.
-- bungston, Apr 25 2014

champagne e-cigarettes, nice
-- wjt, Apr 25 2014

[MB] <tsk> sp. "Champagne", no ?
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2014

WIFRT I thought it said *Anodized champagne*, which makes sense from the College and Little League baseball perspective, in that any celebratory overspray would not unduly corrode their aluminum bats.
-- Canuck, Apr 26 2014

Is it jaded that I'm surprised that doesn't already exist?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 27 2014

Seems to me you could accomplish the task by a device pictured in the [link]. A stopper contains two tubes, one of which reaches to the bottom of the bottle and is open at the top, and the other which only goes through the stopper with the other end connected to a CO2 cartridge (perhaps of the type used for BB guns and such).
-- Alx_xlA, Apr 28 2014

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