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Gives your bumper and extra inch

Mounted above the actual bumper structure (front and rear) are a set of low-profile airbags. At the flip of a switch, the airbags inflate and gently give that expensive fiberglass aftermarket front bumper a few extra inches of clearance for driving over speed bumps, roadkill, curbs, etc. While completely deflated, the bumper rests at the manufacturer's designed height from the ground. Hopefully making your fast functioning/looking car more practical for everyday driving.
-- Letsbuildafort, Sep 24 2003

Adjusting ride height at a flip of a switch .... VW forever http://www.seriousw...le-Dune-Concept.htm
[festering, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

So not helping me carry my shopping home then?
-- squeak, Sep 24 2003

actually, it COULD be used as to provide a small shelf to set things on prior to placing them in your trunk
-- Letsbuildafort, Sep 24 2003

Heaven forbid there be a piece of glass on that speed bump to deflat your bag , soon after distracting you and sending your car plumiting off the side of the road. Good thought though.
-- northstar, Jan 07 2004

There is always the possibility that something could compromise the riser bag, but in case something like that happens, the body simply falls back to regular height. I have a lot of friends on the local "ricer" (car-moding) scene, and they all have to CRAWL over bumps, dips and other drastic road obstacles. This simply raises the expensive aftermarket car body off the ground for temporary purposes. If it fails, then just do as you've done before.

I think your spelling has me more distracted than anything ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 07 2004

Actuall as a mechincal Engineer I think you are on to something here. True you could use air bags but it is the inital concept that is important. There are many other ways the same thing could be accomplished. The question really is how could you do it simply and cheaply.

Benhadad. drop me a line at If you believe in it
-- benhadad, May 11 2004

Drool !!!!
-- festering, Jun 21 2004

The Saleen S7, a supercar with an extremely long and low nose, has an inch-thick carbon fiber lip coated in teflon at the front end, which is designed to just drag on the ground. It's strong enough to support the entire weight of the car, apparently. Not that this has anything to do with your idea, it just sprung to mind as an alternate solution to the same problem.
-- 5th Earth, Jun 21 2004

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