Product: Weapon: Aim
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A homing device for artillery

This is a shock-proof homing device that is coded to the individual shell. When an especially accurate shot is noted by the monitor drone the code is used to activate the homing signal and provide targeting data to the next volley. Alternately, the shell casing or explosive charge itself is tagged individually to provide the same function. The incoming shell is homing on the signal from the Aim Point Indicator.

I know it’s not PC and sometimes offensive to some, but a needed category for Weapons could be avoided by the offended if it was labeled.
-- minoradjustments, Oct 29 2023

Product: Weapon and some sub categories https://www.halfbak...Product_3a_20Weapon
This doesn't even include hat pins [a1, Oct 29 2023]

// a needed category for Weapons could be avoided by the offended if it was labeled //

This one may fit in Product:Weapon:Aim. But there are dozens of other "Weapon" related categories, some less obviously named than others.

Is anyone offended by offensive weapons? Are they defensive about defensive weapons?
-- a1, Oct 29 2023

I just couldn’t find it. Found it but can’t apply it.
-- minoradjustments, Oct 29 2023

Or attach an Aim Point Indicator to the link.
-- pashute, Oct 29 2023

Whatever this magic shock-proofing is made of, I want some in my helmet, backpack, boots, gloves, underwear, etc., if I ever go near a front line.
-- pertinax, Oct 30 2023

The ID of the shell or explosive could be set by a taggant molecule, like explosives are identified after an explosion. If the ID could be established from a taggant in the blast pattern by a monitor drone you wouldn’t need a mechanical device to survive the explosion. Coloration or digital ID in the monitor would indicate the specific round.
-- minoradjustments, Oct 30 2023

OK, Jackson Pollock likes that version; 155mm paintball rounds.

So, you've established that the teal round landed nearer to the target than the electric blue round; does the next round have a camera and some adjustable fins? Is that how the homing works?
-- pertinax, Oct 30 2023

// noted by the monitor drone //

How and where does that work? If it's overhead and able to "see" the impacts, why does the ranging shot need to carry any kind of tracker? Couldn't subsequent munitions (either ballistic or guided) be aimed by what the monitor drone saw?
-- a1, Oct 30 2023

[a1] Yes, the monitor drone could simply report the coörds that it saw for a single shell. That works for a single drone team assigned to a single artillery team on a single target. The problem is that when the shells are many, from many different sources and from many different directions there’s no way to tell. Discriminating between the accurate ones and the fails, or ‘leaners’ is the problem. The only other way to separate out a single shell’s arrival is to precisely time the arrival time from the firing moment, and that’s beyond the capability of the several monitors from the drone squads assigned to a complex dynamic battle. When battle management matures to allow each artillery unit and each drone unit to track individual shells in flight and report errors, the Aim Point Indicator will be unnecessary. {I think I’m too serious about these ideas. I’m going to put on a funny hat and think of something else.}
-- minoradjustments, Oct 31 2023

If your drone can see a hit why does it matter which shell it was or from whence it came? The next order to all batteries can just be "hit that spot again."
-- a1, Oct 31 2023

//When an especially accurate shot is noted by the monitor drone the code is used to activate the homing signal//

How is all this being done? If you have a drone in the air with direct visual on the target, what does this idea bring that can't be assessed from looking at the target and seeing if/where it's been hit? If you want to send a marker round before you send the one with the explosives, well, you're in the tracer game. The problem there is making sure your tracer behaves exactly the same as the explosive round.

If you have a drone circulating with impunity, simply mark the target with IR as per usual.
-- bs0u0155, Oct 31 2023

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