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Literally exchanges the air

While soaring down the southern speedway under the scorching Sunday sun, Susan suddenly sniffed the sulfurous stench of the stinky skunk. She swiftly shifted the air controls to recirculate, but was slow to strike. The scent in the system was smothering.

Susan simply smiled, slid up her sleeve, and pressed a small switch on the dash. A slight swish sounded from the floor as a simple scuba tank spewed its contents into the sedan. Within seconds the entire volume of air had been replaced, along with the skunk's scent molecules. As a supplemental bonus, the air was now cool and crisp, owing the drop in temperature to rapid depressurization.
-- Aq_Bi, Sep 28 2006

Should my apartment catch fire and I am unable to escape, my backup plan is to get in the shower with my scuba gear and my four tanks.

Of course, I'd be more clever to just kick through the wall.
-- normzone, Sep 28 2006

I like the smell of a skunk (can I be alone?)
-- xenzag, Sep 28 2006

[pedantry] ...A complete exchange (ie to totally remove any traces of the existing atmosphere in a vessel) is rather difficult to do. If you can pull a complete vacuum, well then ok, but otherwise, all you're doing is diluting, with diminishing returns. [/pedantry] Good idea, though. It would be useful after you've just driven past roadkill or a sewage plant, or perhaps on those long road trips with the phantom flatulator.
-- Custardguts, Sep 29 2006

We Are Not Alone, [xenzag]. (Apologies to Fox Mulder)

[Aq_Bi], that may be the best thing you've ever written here.
-- jurist, Sep 29 2006

Just be sure to use an aluminum (aluminiuminiumium? hehe) tank. <Insert speech about rapid depressurization / condensation / rusting the inside of a steel tank here>
-- Shz, Sep 29 2006

And by the number "16".
-- BJS, Sep 29 2006

As a variation on this that would accomodate [xenzag]'s anal scent gland fetish; Have masks drop from overhead when the system is activated. Then it's optional, saves air, and gives it that nice 'airplane passengers in distress' feeling. The air mix could even be user selectable - oxygen/nitrogen for the driver, helium/n2o for the passengers.
-- Shz, Sep 30 2006

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