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Sleep in your truck

Its hard to sleep in some trucks. This idea could easily be used in any vehicle but is designed for trucks. A pillow that you place between your steering wheel and head. The pillow resembles a fully deployed airbag during detonation. Same color, stitching and maybe made of similar fabric. Now sleep is possible in trucks when the seat is impossible to recline.
-- evilpenguin, Dec 30 2012

Inflatable_20Hoodie no need for a pillow when you have a hoodie [xenzag, Dec 31 2012]

Similarly baked.
SkyRest Travel Pillow. [Letsbuildafort, Jan 01 2013]

Would this press the horn?
-- Kansan101, Dec 30 2012

Wouldn't press the horn, no. To elaborate, I was envisioning a hard plastic base that would grip the outside of the wheel. The plastic would go around the horn switch.

[21] this applies to some trucks, in some cases. Such as newer trucks with bucket seats. Or trucks without beds. Example, tank truck, loaded box truck, etc. Personally I drive a jeep wrangler. That was the inspiration for the idea
-- evilpenguin, Dec 30 2012

Bakers, I'm surprised. Kind of disappointed. I posted this idea with a intentional flaw. If someone were sleeping soundly on a airbag analogue someone would eventually wake the person. Wake them to see if they were alive and not the victim of a collision that caused the airbag to deploy. Not everyone is versed in airbag technology. The bag is only inflated for a fraction of a second. After detonation it deflates. A person didn't understand the technology they would probably try to save the sleeper.
-- evilpenguin, Dec 31 2012

No, we got it and its hilarious. My wife and I laughed out loud. I love it but its funnier if the horn is honking the whole time you sleep on it. [+]
-- Brian the Painter, Dec 31 2012

Okay b the p. I was waiting for someone wearing a serious hat to come in and rain on the idea.

although I wore my serious hat when I first defended the idea.

Best when the user is a sound sleeper and parked against a brick wall
-- evilpenguin, Dec 31 2012

//flaw// well, I was thinking of the little old lady smacking the Mercedes with her handbag.
-- FlyingToaster, Dec 31 2012

Pretty much already baked - see: SkyRest Travel Pillow. [link]
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 01 2013

Letsbuildafort, close, so close. But it has to resemble an airbag. Not a block of foam covered in a pillowcase.

By the way, I have always enjoyed your username
-- evilpenguin, Jan 01 2013

When the real airbag goes off, as you're reclining on the faux one, how fast will your head go through the back window ?
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 01 2013

// Its hard to sleep in some trucks. //

No it isn't. You just put it in overdrive and wedge your left knee against the steering wheel. Geography will determine the length of your nap.
-- Alterother, Jan 01 2013

Bromance, evil and fort. Whoa.
-- blissmiss, Jan 01 2013

[bliss] You just gave me an idea. Evil fort building.

No more couch cushions and blankets. In these forts the materials include un insulated live wires, grease soaked towels and a small smoldering fire for heat. Instead of clothes pins, rusty aligator clips will hold it all together. No discernable exits.
-- evilpenguin, Jan 02 2013

Spelling fixed.
-- evilpenguin, Jan 02 2013

Thanks, [evilpenguin] but the SkyRest Travel Pillow is air-inflated. Looks like all it would need is an automotive industry makeover and "BAM!" .. so to say.

That last link from [21 Quest] takes the cake too. Also: [bliss] don't be jealous! :P
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 02 2013

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