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Aircraft Toilet Dimmer   (+1, -3)  [vote for, against]
spare me the details

Eleven hours into a thirteen-hour economy-class flight, you feel [edit] your worst, you look your worst and, more to the point, you know you look your worst. So, when you've gone to relieve yourself, it would be nice not to have an unforgivingly bright light reminding you of all this as you stand at the basin mirror.

Maybe this is already baked, and I've always been too tired and stupid to find the switch at the time.
-- pertinax, Oct 20 2007

You really should sneak up to the second deck, where they have sun-decks, jacuzzis, showers and saunas. Attendants tend to all your needs, and after 11 hours you complain that time does indeed go faster when you are having fun, and could the captain fly for just a bit longer?
-- Ling, Oct 20 2007

I think the light turns on when you lock the door. Seems the solution is just dont lock it...
-- sprogga, Oct 21 2007

Well, you need a bit of light to see what you're doing (especially at night), and if you don't shut the door then you'll get a steady of stream of interruptions from the other living dead, who'll think the toilet's free. What I had in mind (maybe I didn't make this clear) was a 'dimmer switch', so that the light could be on, but not so bright.
-- pertinax, Oct 21 2007

That's a fair point - edited.
-- pertinax, Oct 21 2007

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