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Airport Lounge Drone Paintball Game   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Well, everyone else is doing one.

The answer to the problem.

An additional revenue stream for airports.

Keeps the kids happy while you wait for your flight.

Airports should deploy anti-drone drones with semi-automatic paintball guns mounted on them loaded with paint balls containing a fast setting rubber-based gunk to shoot down rogue airport-drones with.

The gunk is expected to weigh the drone down & gunk up it's propellers (get enough gunk on it & it falls out of the sky), a good shot might blind its cameras.

The control systems would be disguised as arcade games & placed at various points around the waiting lounges, this way the airports save on having to pay people to man their anti-drone drones & can actually charge people to man them for them.

If there's no rogue-drones minor game-points might be awarded for shooting pigeons instead.

High scorers might be awarded air-miles or free seat upgrades to add incentive.
-- Skewed, Jan 01 2019

// rouge airport drones //

"Rouge" as in the type of face powder ?

Are you in some way seeking to elicit the LGBT croissant here ... ?
-- 8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

sp. corrected, any more in there?
-- Skewed, Jan 01 2019

Yes, of course.

Is it the drones that are rogue, or the airports ?

You mean "rogue drones at airports", shirley ?
-- 8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

//Are you in some way seeking to elicit the LGBT croissant here//

Only the masochist subset of the LGBT croissant it seems, the ones that enjoy having their drone avatar covered in rubber gunk propelled by high speed paintball guns.
-- Skewed, Jan 01 2019

Clearly the "D" in "BDSM" refers to "Drones".

As to the sticky rubber gunk ... we don't want to know.
-- 8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

//rogue drones at airports", shirley//

no, I meant "rogue airport-drones".
-- Skewed, Jan 01 2019

//we don't want to know//

And yet you clearly do, anything you want to tell us about your weekend habits? :)
-- Skewed, Jan 01 2019

What are the B, S, and M?
-- Voice, Jan 01 2019

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