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Tin-Tin Should Dump him and set up home with Parker.

Why does Tin-Tin hang around with International Rescue's Alan Tracy? He's a boring, goody two shoes and he lives on an island in the middle of nowhere (although I admit it's got a good beach). But that fella Parker. He's lived! I bet he could show a girl a good time.
-- DrBob, Mar 28 2001

Real life drama involving hi-tech aircraft, class warfare and gratuitous sex. [DrBob, Mar 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Ain't it cool news http://www.aintitco...display.cgi?id=2335
Here's the most recent Thunderbird movie rumour - 1998 [mark_t]

Superthinderstingcar http://www.petercoo...ctures/supercar.jpg
Amazing acting from guys dangling from strings [mark_t, Mar 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Superthinderstingcar http://www.petercoo...ctures/supercar.jpg
Amazing acting from guys dangling from strings [mcscotland, Mar 01 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Captain Scarlet Rules, Stingray Rules, Thunderbird Rules http://communities....captainscarletrules
A site that is developing, but definitley worth looking at. [2e1hsb, Mar 07 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

It's not "F.A.B.", it's "F A B", abbreviation of "fabulous".
-- DrBob, Mar 29 2001

I know all the web sites (official & otherwise) say F.A.B. is either short for fabulous or doesn't really mean anything, but I believe it stands for Federal Agency Bureau.

I came across a Capt. Scarlet annual of the early 70's and I could swear it alluded to Capt. Scarlet's lot (Spectrum?) and International Rescue originally being part of F.A.B.

[I'm wishing I hadn't posted this already.]
-- Scotty, Mar 30 2001

I heard the FAB thing from Gerry Anderson on a radio interview. That doesn't mean to say that that was what was originally intended, of course. People have been known to change their minds (or even tell fibs on occassion).

Film-wise, I think Captain Scarlet would make a great film-noir. Secret operative and ruthless immortal killer, obsessed with his own death? What more could you want in a plot line?
-- DrBob, Mar 30 2001

why do ir's cables always snap

r the brothers going to be gay innthe movie?
-- edski, Mar 31 2001

The idea of a Thunderbirds movie has been in "development hell" for something like four or five years now. Every now and again someone will pop up and say "We're going to spend $75 million on a live action version", and then you hear nothing again for several months.

The latest I read was in a short interview with Sylvia Anderson in this month's Empire magazine which says that "Thunderbirds Aren't Go". And I've added a link to the latest information I could find on "Ain't it cool news".
-- mark_t, Apr 02 2001

F.A.B. is an acronym for "fully acknowledged broadcast"....geeez
-- JeffTracy, Sep 07 2001

Don't be silly. It's obviously a macho, Top Gun style fly-boy affirmative, short for "Fucking A, Bro'!"
-- Guy Fox, Sep 07 2001

Lady Penelope: "Parker, take off my dress..Parker, take off my bra...Parker, take off my knickers..and Parker, never let me catch you wearing my clothes again.
-- pussygalore, Sep 08 2001

Anyone remember the name of the Tracy family's faithful manservant??
-- JeffTracy, Sep 09 2001

-- DrBob, Sep 10 2001

Yup !
-- pussygalore, Sep 10 2001

his name was kyrano, he was tin tin's father
-- 2e1hsb, Feb 28 2002

has anyone ever tried checking the informational sites like : Http://

They are all worth checking out
-- 2e1hsb, Feb 28 2002

[2e1hsb] Please use the [link] item (above and left) when posting links as opposed to posting them in your annotations.

Plus points for getting the < br > tag right.
-- phoenix, Feb 28 2002

...but minus points for not noticing the thunderbirdsonline link up the top there :o)
-- DrBob, Feb 28 2002

Thunderbirds, although classic, could never be as good as the Cap'n Scarlet - due to the animation style. Gone were the floppy string moments, replaced by cleverly constructed shots where rather than walking, he pivots or bends into shot, and fantastic model sets. I used to find the close ups of real hands operating levers and things completely freaky when I was younger. It really was a genius show, superbly dark and eerie. Gerry Anderson was deeply disturbed in his creativity, as his later live action shows Space 1999 proved - like a Serial Killer trapped producing the Teletubbies... or something...
-- Danzarak, Mar 01 2002

I find that last remark offensive. you are perfectly correct though danz.
-- po, Mar 01 2002

All the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet characters were never as convincing as Johnny and Jeff Jupiter in Superthunderstingcar. See link.
-- mcscotland, Mar 01 2002

[po:] Why do you find it offensive... do you produce the teletubbies?

Superthunderstingcar is ace... Dudley Moore really "gets" the Thunderbird style walk (Peter Cook, not so good).. its a travesty that there are only enough bits of episodes of "Not Only... But Also" left to make a couple of full episodes. Its a real loss.
-- Danzarak, Mar 01 2002

Sorry, I didn't spot the links up there :o(.
-- 2e1hsb, Mar 07 2002

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