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Booze with added nothing

HomeoHappy Spirits are proud to present our new range of spirits and alcopops - all made in strict accordance with homeopathic principles.

No, no, we don't mean there's no alcohol in it! As Wiki says, homeopathists traditionally dilute their remedies "with water, or alcohol." We're following in that fine tradition, lovingly diluting our remedies in 40% vodka (7% for our alcopops) - so with our drinks, you're guaranteed to either cure your sorrows, or drown them!

Our range includes Anti-Eczema Elixir, Anti-Depression Draft, Anti-Stress Shot, Anti-Panic Potion, Anti-Mood Swings Moonshine, Anti-Hyperactivity Hooch, and many more. Or visit our website to request a bottle personalised to your particular ailment!


Note for investors: We welcome your interest in HomeoHappy Spirits. Our product range is targeted at party-going new-agers with more money than sense. Our products are not classified as medicines, allowing us to avoid all those pesky drug licensing issues.
-- imaginality, Dec 12 2006

More links than you could shake an elixir at [imaginality, Dec 12 2006]

Conditions 'treatable' by homeopathy
We've had difficulty perfecting the anti-headache vodka [imaginality, Dec 12 2006]

Homeopathic Hangover Cure
In case you need a hair of the homeopathic dog [imaginality, Dec 12 2006]

Bach Flower Remedies
Baked - Back Flower Remedies are just some homeopathy hocus-pocus, and plenty of brandy. [hippo, Dec 12 2006]

have you got one to cure a hangover?
-- po, Dec 12 2006

Hair of the Dog Hot Toddy?
-- webfishrune, Dec 12 2006

It's possible I'm being slow as usual, but we seem to be a little thin on detail here. Given that homeopathic remedies already consist of nothing dissolved in something, what have you actually invented?
-- angel, Dec 12 2006

//what have you actually invented?//

A marketting opportunity?
-- webfishrune, Dec 12 2006

Baked: Bach Flower Remedies - see link.
-- hippo, Dec 12 2006

Why the right combination might even cure homeophobia.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 12 2006

Does it include a remedy for drunkenness?
-- twitch, Dec 12 2006

I could try to keep a straight face and argue that, like normal homeopathy, this works by preserving in the liquid a crystalline water structure resonance thingy based on its original ingredients, and that that's what makes this drink altogether different from normal alcohol, giving it its homeopathic effectiveness... but [webfishrune]'s right, the marketing opportunity is the real invention here.

True, the Bach flower remedies come close to making this baked. Then again, since it says the remedies "are usually taken as drops in water sipped throughout the day," I'm not sure they're really aiming at the same 'gullible drinkers who love the idea of homeopathic alcoholic drinks' target market.
-- imaginality, Dec 12 2006

<Considers posting Alcohome idea, then realises that I don't have a clue what it would be>
-- hidden truths, Dec 13 2006

//homeopathic effectiveness//

Another oxymoron is born.
-- angel, Dec 13 2006

Yep, very neat.

The funny thing is, while I'm fully aware of how snake-oil-ish this idea is, I'm betting I'll get plenty of satisfied customers because of the combination of the placebo effect, the Cashebo effect and, if all else fails, the alcohol effect.
-- imaginality, Dec 13 2006

Shouldn't this be in Business: Scam: New Age?
-- angel, Dec 13 2006

Point taken; category changed.
-- imaginality, Dec 13 2006

//Our products are not classified as medicines, allowing us to avoid all those pesky drug licensing issues.//

Your drinks may not be classified as medicines but I've been publishing a Life Sciences handbook recently and noticed a chapter about "Functional Drinks", into which yours seem to fall. Certainly in the EU, there are much greater constraints on the functional drinks industry so although you might bypass some //pesky drug licensing issues//, there will be plenty of other legislative obstacles to overcome in their place.
-- theleopard, Dec 13 2006

"The remedies were identified intuitively . . ." Ha, ha!

But how could you prove that there was any homeopathic remedy in the alcohol? I here and now accuse you of selling pure alcohol without any homeopathic properties at all, and challenge you to prove otherwise by any scientific test.

There have been many home remedies that contained mass amounts of alcohol. "Hadacol" was one, I think.
-- baconbrain, Dec 13 2006

Yeah, the homeopathy people have pretty much declared that double-blind testing isn't appropriate for their material. They somehow make that lack of proof sound like a benefit. Hey, isn't that a religion?
-- baconbrain, Dec 13 2006

Well, you could call it a religion, but it's a pretty watered-down one.
-- imaginality, Dec 13 2006

At least your not bathing in alcohol it burns too much.
-- travbm, Oct 29 2015

I love it. Soon I'll be taking my medicine by the tablespoons.
-- Voice, Oct 29 2015

Ah yes - just as water has a memory, alcohol by contrast, obliterates all memories! From H2 knows to ethanolknows nothing.
-- xenzag, Oct 29 2015

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