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Capture a persons voice as an algorithm.

Say there is a sound recording of Mark Twain reading something. It is processed and comes out as a set of parameters that is used to run a speech synthesizer. Then you feed the text of one of his books into the machine as well and there is Mark Twain's voice reading his story
-- Iridium7, Oct 18 2007

Text-To-Speech http://www.research...ttsweb/tts/demo.php
Our Demo Speaks Your Text [baconbrain, Oct 18 2007]

A panphonic poem for Mission Impossible III http://literalminde...ssion-impossible-3/
This idea in movie fiction. [jutta, Oct 18 2007]

Voice fonts for singing (re: xenzag)
One application: helping people who can't sing? I doubt that untrained singers could handle the recording process. [jutta, Oct 18 2007]

Model Talker
Looking for beta testers. [jutta, Oct 18 2007]

and if you used Al Gore's voice and made it undulate melodically, would that be an algorithm too?
-- xenzag, Oct 18 2007

Good one, [xen].

Link to state-of-the-art in text-to-speech. It has various accents, but still sounds odd.

This is a wish.
-- baconbrain, Oct 18 2007

This is called a "voice font", and exists, although not to the degree that you'd really want. (I can't help the feeling that I'm really saying the same thing as baconbrain before me.) AT&T's research, which he links to, is a good place to start.

The FAQ from "ModelTalker", which tries to make this technology into an end-user usable product, is an interesting read that reveals much about the very real applications and limits of the technology.

This isn't just about funny celebrity voices; if you're suffering from an illness like ALS (what Stephen Hawking has) that slowly destroys your ability to move your muscles, including your throat, this may be your best chance at preserving a bit of "yourself" in your future prosthetics. (Of course, most people by now think of TTS as Stephen Hawking's voice, so for him, uh. Recursion! Recursion!)
-- jutta, Oct 18 2007

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