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Spacey coiffeurs

A green, eerie light wallows around the front entrance, which looks much like a UFO gateway. Instead of a barber pole, there is a small, revolving Van de Graaff generator, emanating tiny lightning bolts in a myriad of colors. Welcome to the Alien Barbershop. Walk up the plank way and be seated in one of the pilot seats. Notice that the tools all look like alien weapons, but actually are just scissors, combs and razors. Your barber might be a human, but only your hairdresser knows for sure. The specialty today is “Crop Circle Haircuts”, but you may opt for any kind of cut you like.
-- xandram, Mar 01 2006

Crop Circle Haircut http://www.ultramic.../CropCircleHead.gif
[DrCurry, Mar 01 2006]

Spacey coiffure
[coprocephalous, Mar 02 2006]

Bride of Frakenstein
might look like this + [xenzag, Mar 02 2006]

clip circles Clip_20Circles
[po, Mar 02 2006]

Alien Quartet http://www.garnerho...aurants/cantina.jpg
The closest I could get. [AfroAssault, Mar 05 2006]

I dunno. The aliens in "Earth Girls Are Easy" used a regular barbershop (well, hair salon), if I recall correctly. But this would probably be good for the egglets.
-- DrCurry, Mar 01 2006

Yes, [DrC] I was thinking of this for children, but there are some big boys that might like it, too.
-- xandram, Mar 01 2006

I would.
-- wagster, Mar 01 2006

DrCurry's link provides a fine example of one of the haircuts one might get at the Alien Barbershop. One might even catch the Alien Barbershop quartet performing.
-- xandram, Mar 02 2006

"Ahh, good evening Prostetnic Jeltz, your usual short, back and glossy inner surfaces?"
"Yes please Barber, and, could you groop my turlingdromes while you're at it please."
-- zen_tom, Mar 02 2006

[Erm...would any respectable Vogon *ever* say "please" ?]
-- DrCurry, Mar 02 2006

He might, but only in order to throw his hard, cruel nature into sharp relief.
And if you didn't agree, he'd rend thee in the gobberwarts with his blurglecruncheon.
See if he wouldn't!
-- zen_tom, Mar 02 2006

I wonder if this would make kids like the dentist more or not with his office under the same motif.
-- daseva, Mar 02 2006

I bet it would, as long as the dentist doesn't greet them with a Headbite!
-- xandram, Mar 03 2006

P.S. This is crying out for an alien barbershop quartet, but I can't find any pictures anywhee.
-- DrCurry, Mar 03 2006

I got close... (see link)
-- AfroAssault, Mar 05 2006

Thank you [AfroAssault] for the link. I love that everyone helped with this. It's much more fun.
-- xandram, Mar 06 2006

I saw a haircut in an issue of national geographic called the "supernova." Which is what it looked like. I forget what the article was.
-- Eugene, Mar 06 2006

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