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Makes a Porsche look like a Civic

I bet at least a few of us have seen people chrome something before (like on discovery channel sometimes.) Well, Why not design a car that all exterior visible parts would be made of chrome. It would look so cool, you may not ever blink when you look at it. It would be the highlight, the goal of any car enthusiast to get one. You could listen to that song "Shiny shine sh-shine" or something like that while going down main street like a comet! Alternative: Put flame designs on the car and make ONLY the flames chrome. It may be a little pricey, but I'm sure it will make some great impressions in today's world.
-- croissantz, Aug 21 2004

Tinted chrome http://www.halfbake...dea/Tinted_20chrome
This would reduce the glare, and still make the car look cool. [croissantz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Chrome painting system
Top coatable “chrome” paint. Bring money. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

All Chrome New Jaguar XJ
Ha! Someone's been reading your idea! The latest incarnation of the finest car in the world in full chrome body :-) [moroder, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(??) Affordable Chrome Paint & Candy Paint
These guys make a chrome paint that looks like real chrome and you can add one of their kandy paints over it for some really cool looks. [KustomKat, Oct 27 2010]

So expensive. So very expensive. With a top speed of around 30mph.
-- harderthanjesus, Aug 21 2004

Chromium compounds are a health hazard, many of them carcinogenic, some of them listed on the EPA's list of "high concern" toxins, part of the reason that auto mfrs don't use as much chrome, not to mention the expense. Like treadair2, I would find a chrome car visually annoying on a sunny day... even the normal little strips of chrome trim around windows will occasionally cause unpleasant glare. If you want to actually solve a problem, I'd suggest a car with NO chrome. My 3 cents, at least.
-- musicator, Aug 21 2004

Damn it, is anything not carcinogenic these days!?
-- harderthanjesus, Aug 21 2004

//Put flame designs on the car and make ONLY the flames chrome//

I highlighted my own portion of my idea because that would be a cheaper (and just as cool) solution.
-- croissantz, Aug 21 2004

I used to have a picture of a Shelby Cobra completely chromed. It managed to get a spot in the Dallas newspaper. It seemed that the police gave him a citation because it was too shiny. I wish I could find it online. It looked nice, though.

One problem you want to think about is hydrogen embrittlement. It makes chromed parts easier to break. With body panels being so thin, a small fender bender might turn out to be a major problem.

Scratches would be almost non-exsistent compared to painted surfaces though.
-- destructionism, Aug 21 2004

I had a neighbor who had his '64 FALCON completely chromed. The effect looked like something off starwars planet Naboo. He was cited for creating a public nuisance and forbidden from operating the vehicle on public streets. He tried to fight the ticket in court, but he lost.
-- omnicognic, Aug 21 2004

Forgot to mention: neighbor reported impossible to see while driving East around 9:00 AM, or West about 5:00 pm due to glare off hood!
-- omnicognic, Aug 21 2004

Tinted chrome (see link) would fix the problem of glare. Although I like the chrome flames idea (see annotation or main idea,) this is another way to make this project work.
-- croissantz, Aug 21 2004

(destructionism) You can bake off the hydrogen embrittlement easily enough, at very low temperature. (musicator) Right. I had to hard-chrome the shafts from the shock absorbers I mass-produced, and to dispose and neutralize correctly all the contaminants (some very active poisons) is a real pain in the ass. But THE LOOK ! . Bun +
-- finflazo, Aug 22 2004

-- silverstormer, Aug 22 2004

That Jaguar is polished aluminum, not chrome.
-- bristolz, Aug 22 2004

Airstreams are only unpolished steel bathtubs on wheels.
-- croissantz, Aug 23 2004

Also, for a chrome substitute, polished aluminum would also work. (See link of Jaguar XJ.) But I admit, I still like the chrome flames idea.
-- croissantz, Aug 23 2004

Chrome is evil and has no place on sensible motor vehicles. Very popular with Harley fanciers.[-]
-- Twizz, Oct 28 2010

<wonders why [KustomKat] refers to himself in the third person>
-- pocmloc, Oct 28 2010

Another angle on this is to make the vehicle entirely from chromium but, and right now i have no idea if this would work, instead of painting it, you treat the surface chemically so that it becomes coloured by producing chromium salts. It's also slightly less dense than iron, and so presumably steel, making it just a little bit more fuel efficient.
-- nineteenthly, Oct 28 2010

Hexavalent Chromium is toxic, Trivalent is non- or minimally toxic. It isn't a hard salt resistant coating, but it is just as shiny.
-- MechE, Oct 29 2010

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