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Amorphous Laminar Flow Art   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Ephemeral Performance Sculpture

This is an offshoot of [Alvin]'s most excellent "Colliding Highly Laminar Water Jets for Crop Irrigation" idea [link].

Instead of using water, use a non-newtonian fluid, such as ever-useful, all-conquering custard to be the laminar flow liquid. The streams will remain liquid until the force of the collision briefly turns them solid.

With a bit of computer control and multiple jets it should be possible to create overhead, amorphous 'performance sculpture' art. I doubt that you could recreate (however briefly) the Venus de milo - but you should be able to construct vaguely humanoid or any other shapes you desire and have them move, evolve and morph into new shapes.

In-synch music, midair blending of different coloured streams and laser lighting at night could be added to jazz up the effects. Everyone would be treated to an ephemeral, unearthly and mind-blowingly beautiful art-performance followed by a hearty, all-you-can-eat dessert.

Now THAT's art.
-- AusCan531, Nov 17 2011

Colliding Highly Laminar Water Jets for Crop Irrigation Colliding_20Highly_...20Crop_20Irrigation
Original idea which prompted this one. [AusCan531, Nov 17 2011]

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