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Amphi Barrier   (+6)  [vote for, against]
None Shall Pass the Toad Carousel

As a substitute for insect screens, mount loops of sushi-bar conveyor track around the outside casement of your windows. Every 30 centimeters or so, mount a plastic or metal rod. Suspend from each rod a small platform, mounted so that the platform remains horizontal no matter the position of the peg as it travels around the conveyor. From your own pond, where you have raised them, take sufficient large Toads to position one on each platform.

No flying beastie shall pass the Toad ring of death.

Be sure to rest your Toads back in the pond twice a day - more in Summer.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 30 2005

awesome. i want this incorporated into a suit or maybe a desk at the office
-- benfrost, Jan 30 2005

I just want one, orbiting my head.
-- david_scothern, Jan 31 2005

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