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Anatomically Complete Gummy Bears   (+20, -1)  [vote for, against]

These gummy bears are like most gummy bears in appearance, however molded inside the gummy body of the bear is a skeleton made of hard candy.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2008

Gummy Chicken Leg
"Looks like ckicken, tastes like orange". And, yes you read it right, inside is a plastic bone. [Amos Kito, Mar 16 2008]

Torture Bears Torture_20Bears
Similar idea (also mentions hard candy skeleton), but larger in size [imaginality, Mar 16 2008]

Gummy Army Men
While this site does have large, 4 inch gummy bears that weigh about a pound, much cooler are the gummy army men which like ridiculously realistic. Excuse the pun, but they are perfect for food fights. [candycandycandy, Mar 22 2011]

Anatomically Correct Campus Anatomically_20Correct_20Campus
[theircompetitor, Mar 23 2011]

This seems possible, if a flat "skeleton" was sandwiched into halves of the bear.
Bun just for the pleasant surprise after I read that title. +
-- Amos Kito, Mar 16 2008

Disappointed - I thought "anatomically correct" referred to the differences between male and female.
-- nuclear hobo, Mar 16 2008

I didn't say anatomically correct, I said complete.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2008

I'd want them made of hard candy or chocolate, so that they melt in your mouth, leaving a candy skeleton!

Also, per [nuclear hobo] I was sort of expecting genitalia and/or candy organs.
-- qt75rx1, Mar 16 2008

Without genitalia they are neither complete nor correct.
-- nuclear hobo, Mar 17 2008

I would do it by constructing a mold for the bones that left a weak juncture between the different segments. This could be suspended in the gell. As it was flexed the bones would snap apart and give the bear flexability.
-- WcW, Mar 17 2008

Since it's almost Easter, how about a chocolate bunny with a hard candy skeleton and a complete set of jelly organs?

-- bneal27, Mar 17 2008

There should be a pregnant bunny with a litter of gummi baby bunnies inside it then. Complete with amniotic fluids of rich, rich Cadbury creme.
-- qt75rx1, Mar 17 2008

If they are to be described as anatomically complete, then shirley there must also be an alimentary canal full of half digested Canadians?
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 18 2008

Mmmmm, calcium.
-- quantum_flux, Mar 20 2008

Canadians and pickanick baskets.
-- bneal27, Mar 20 2008

That's a common fallacy. Bears in Canada don't actually eat Canadians, they eat American tourists. We just say they were Canaidans so as not to scare off the rest of the American tourists.
-- Canuck, Mar 20 2008

With the current exchange rate and border controls there are quite a few less of those tourists around to eat, so i suspect they will have to start eating canadians sooner or later. Maybe they could start with all those francophones on the east coast first, that would be a good start.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 20 2008

you like gummy bears, don't you [jhom]?
-- po, Mar 20 2008

They just seem to be fertile grounds for halfbaked insights. My most popular idea ever was my pooping gummy bears idea so I've got a decent track record with the little buggers. Incidentally while dropping off my children at the sitter this morning I discovered an object stuck to my shoe....wouldn't you know it it was a Gummy Bear.
-- jhomrighaus, Mar 20 2008

Are you inventing Gummy Bear Shoe Decorations next?
-- xandram, Mar 20 2008

Would it perhaps have great big teeth?
-- saedi, Mar 22 2011


4 the Canadians. (Who cannot smile on their passports)
-- pashute, Mar 23 2011

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