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Animal-Shaped Luggage & Carousel Ride   (+7, -1)  [vote for, against]
New fun for travelers

Wouldn’t it be so less boring to see people pulling large and small animals around on wheels instead of squares and rectangles? The animal shaped suitcase will accommodate as many items as it’s predecessor, if not more. Extra head storage and the new Giraffe neck for longer items. These suitcases will no doubt spawn a cult of “Airport Carousel Riders” – an adventurous breed who mount their suitcases and ride the carousel, ignoring the shouts of the Security people. If the luggage can go around a multitude of times, why can’t the luggage owner.
-- xandram, Nov 21 2005

Like this, from Carnage?
Click on 'the series'. [ldischler, Nov 21 2005]

Looks like more like an art project to me. But if it is a product line, I'll take one of these: http://www.carleefe..._studies/bear3.html
[DrCurry, Nov 21 2005]

[Idishler] Dragging a goat head around the airport!!!? That's nuts.
-- Zimmy, Nov 21 2005

checked out 'the series' and all appear to be animal heads only, except maybe for the Buffalo. not nearly enough room to be called a piece of luggage. these are real animal heads. I said "Animal-Shaped" not made of real animals. tho I do appreciate the link.
-- xandram, Nov 21 2005

What could be more "animal shaped" than real animals?
-- ldischler, Nov 21 2005

+ It would be easier to spot your luggage as it came around the carousel.
-- Zimmy, Nov 23 2005

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