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Animal mobile phone relaying   (+4)  [vote for, against]

Sorry couldn't think of a better category.

The idea is get the animal kingdom to extend mobile phone range. They move around a lot, providing energy that could be turned into electricity. They might as well pull their own weight for a change.

Firstly, in the wake of the missing jet, subsidizing shark-fishing boats.

They can remove the fin surgically and replace it with a prosthetic containing a mobile phone repeater. Over time it should be possible to provide fair coverage.* Fit for porpoise and all that.

Also possible to do monkeys for the more remote parts of the Americas and Africa, polar bears for the north, that kind of stuff.

* Being in the water after a crash and all of a sudden your signal keeps getting stronger and stronger may not be a good sign.
-- not_morrison_rm, Mar 15 2014

Once again, reality out-stupids me....
COW, is a mobile cell tower on wheels [not_morrison_rm, Mar 16 2014]

I just want to say "Moo" to this. Don't know why.
-- blissmiss, Mar 15 2014

Bonobos are already quite well known for pulling their own weight.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2014

There maybe trouble ahead...but let's face the moo-sic and dance. Sorry, best I could do.

Re: modulate mooing to carry data. Anyone know the bandwidth of a cow?

I'd be heifer so grateful is someone has the figures.
-- not_morrison_rm, Mar 16 2014

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