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Show one's annos on his or her user page

Simple idea, really...
Along with all of a user's ideas, display their annos on their user page.
Not much more to say...
-- roleohibachi, Dec 24 2005

roleohibachi's annos http://www.halfbake...hibachi_27s_20annos
A view of my annos on others' ideas [roleohibachi, Dec 24 2005]

zen_tom's annos http://www.halfbake...n_5ftom_27s_20annos
Erm....if it's possible to do this via the view system, doesn't that make this idea kind of...baked? [zen_tom, Dec 24 2005]

try a search on one of the older hbers to see how impractical that would be.
-- po, Dec 24 2005

I was thinking of suggesting a folding-editor-like system for comments to Jutta^H^H^H^H^H Bakesperson for annos.

Just like the way details of your recent visits are held in cookies, I thought each page could have details of which comments are open, and which are closed (so the when you re-visit a page, the same ones that you closed last time are still closed. You can choose to ignore them if you like)
-- Dub, Dec 24 2005

I've been here 2 years. And I anno quite a bit. I also have 225 ideas (give or take a few).

And I already have a "My annos" list. Along with a "Recently Pulled" page, that shows my recently anno'ed ideas, so I can tell if any have been brought up.
-- DesertFox, Dec 24 2005

My bad, 'bakers. I just learned about views. So, I now have an anno feed, but I don't think I'll delete the idea. Some other newbie might learn something just like I did.
-- roleohibachi, Dec 25 2005

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