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Answering Machine 60 Second Theater   (+16, -6)  [vote for, against]
Hear a one minute rendition of "Julius Caesar" when you get home.

The Answering Machine 60 Second Theater is a voice acting group that calls various homes until they get an answering machine. At the beep, the troupe performs a very quick 60 second audio version of a classic play, followed by a short message asking for donations.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 10 2003

Brooklyn Telephone Theater
Not this. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Drama on my answering machine. http://www.kunarion.../I Got Problems.mp3
One of several genuine phone calls to my answering machine. This was edited to shorten the pauses and phone tones. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jul 16 2005]

(Sotto Voce in mechanical Robot simulation)"Today is March 15"
(Female voice)"Julie, Big Julie, don't go. I've got a bad feeling about the Senate today"
(Elvis impersonator) "I don't see how I've got a choice, Honey. They need me there today, we're making history."
(F.v.)"Oh, you're such a brute!".
<Door slams>
(Cobbler. in Harlem patois)"Got sole/soul?"
(Elvis) "Get a job, maggot!"
(Cobbler) 'You'll be sorry you dissed me, man!"
<Footsteps retreating, even though Julius is wearing sandals>
And now, a quick word from our sponsors, Prudential Life.

[annotation by UnaBubba, Mar 15 2001. Had to include that, UB. One of your finer moments.]
-- waugsqueke, Mar 10 2003

But lo, what light in yonder window breaks? Oh, it's you lot. Please leave your play after the tone.
-- lostdog, Mar 10 2003

Reminds me of a classic Robin Williams routine.
-- RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2003

Sometimes you want to vote for an idea twice. This time I got to do it.
-- beauxeault, Mar 10 2003

“Set halfbaking in one eye and woik in th' other, and I will look on both indifferently. I love then name of halfbaking more than I fear woik”. – JC (well…sorta)

Glad you posted it again – I didn’t see it first time ‘round.
-- Shz, Mar 10 2003

People record dramas similar to that on my answering machine from time to time [link].
I'd much prefer a professional performance.
-- Amos Kito, Mar 10 2003

I dont get the point are you guys listing ideas that have already been implemented but are cool?
-- nomadic_wonderer, Nov 13 2003

Not sure I understand what you're asking. This idea, to my knowledge, has not been implemented.
-- waugsqueke, Nov 13 2003

A sixty second answering machine sitting on a stool in the middle of the stage. Then a loooooooooooonnng intermission. Then a chance meeting and quick exit. That's my kind of theatre.
-- mensmaximus, Jan 12 2005

"Please leave a message or short entertaining session of performance art." +
-- Worldgineer, Jan 12 2005

The answering machine taught actors everywhere not to put so much emphasis on a live performance.
-- mensmaximus, Jan 12 2005

There's no reason why this couldn't be a traditional performance as well - a theatre company which perfoms 60-second versions of classic works, each one preceded by a phonecall being made to someone's answering machine. The ringing and answering machine welcome would be broadcast over the theatre's PA system and then the live performance would be recorded as the message. The answering machines will be chosen at random from those submitted by the audience.
-- hippo, Jan 13 2005

How can people be voting against this?
-- nimchimpsky, May 30 2005

Still don't know what the actors do if they DON'T get an answering machine. Just hang up on you?
-- phundug, May 30 2005

-- waugsqueke, May 30 2005

That's annoying to get calls and no one's there. Maybe make this a subscription thing?
-- phundug, May 30 2005

-- waugsqueke, May 30 2005

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