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Bathtubs made for humans.

Baths are a great thing. Bathtubs, however, seem to have been designed and built for creatures with a very odd shape and sense of comfort. For humans, the bathing experience is mitigated through absence of a proper headrest, the point-wise contact of your spine with the tub curving the opposite way, and your buttocks being stabbed by the femur due to yet another morphological incompatibility.

No more! Enter Anthropotub, the human-shaped bath facility! As comfortable as a luxury leather recliner with silk stuffing, it ergonomically fits your back and neck and features a soft element at head level for ultimate bathing comfort. Towards your legs it is more shallow, allowing for a nice "feet up" sensation, while at the same time very ecologically halving the required amount of bathwater.
-- placid_turmoil, May 02 2007

US Patent #2,566,495 (1949) http://www.google.c...nts?id=ugBeAAAAEBAJ
[jutta, May 02 2007]

Rubbity-rubbity! http://www.amazon.c...-Kira/dp/0140043713
Perfect toilet reading. [m_Al_com, May 03 2007]

Hot Tub http://californiaco...t/colemanspas.shtml
One of many vendors [csea, May 04 2007]

Mitigé http://french.about...bulary/g/mitige.htm
Why can't frogs and rosbifs just... get along? [placid_turmoil, May 04 2007]

Thanks [jutta]. 50+ years, and this hasn't become a worldwide standard? Maybe we should start with something smaller... How about rubber duckies that are shaped like actual ducks?
-- placid_turmoil, May 03 2007

an anthro po tub, how delightful
-- po, May 03 2007

I have a wonderful book by Alexander Kira called "The Bathroom", which details ergonomic tub design. It's got some wonderful 70's drawings of The Bathtub of The Future, as well as some even more wonderful photos of naked 70's-style models showing all the positions in which it is possible for men and women to pee.

I heartily recommend it, and as such have posted [linky] for anyone with a bathroom re-design bent. (Or those who are simply... er... bent.)

[actually, I see now that it's worth at least $40, so if anyone would like my well-thumbed copy...]
-- m_Al_com, May 03 2007

This sounds wonderful to me!
-- mimz, May 03 2007

// How about rubber duckies that are shaped like actual ducks?
For reasons I can't quite pin down, I like this idea a lot.
-- jutta, May 03 2007

Being a resident of Marin County, CA, I installed an outdoor Hot Tub about 7 years ago, which has various languorous indentations for reclining, jets, and headrests. [link] Seats up to 6 comfortably. Highly recommended. Bathing suits optional.

[m_Al_com], thanks for the link!
-- csea, May 04 2007

<pedant>Strictly speaking, I think 'mitigated' means 'softened', which is almost the exact opposite of what I think you meant, [placid_turmoil]. </pedant> - but good idea [+]
-- pertinax, May 04 2007

Thanks [pertinax], I seem to have a real problem with false cousins between French and English (link). Recently I misused "alleviate" in a similar slip-up...

<plows away a pile of uninteresting-looking papers to make room for his trusty Merriam-Webster>
-- placid_turmoil, May 04 2007

I think this idea has caused me to come down with a case of dyslexia. At first, I thought it was titled "antropub." Then I thought that the description said "bathtubs made of humans."

Both of these non-ideas have ample room for halfbaking, I guess... but your idea is probably better.
-- ye_river_xiv, May 05 2007

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