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A novelty item for those of us who like to confuse our friends

The Anti-Clock would be a simple wall clock, but with the numbers reversed. This is to say that the numbers would grow larger in an anti-clockwise direction instead of a clockwise direction.

This would be a great novelty item at parties- at least for those of us like myself who love eclectic decorations. I can just imagine guests staring at the clock and thinking "There's something wrong with that thing, but I can't tell just *what* it is".

WARNING- Not for use by the habitually inattentive, ignorant, or absent-minded.
-- BigThor, Aug 31 2000

(?) Backward Clock http://www.mcphee.c...ts/top12/10570.html
Baked. $12.95 from Archie McPhee. [bookworm, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Gizmo and Widget Good Gifts http://www.gizmoand...t_Good_Gifts_1.html
A slightly more elegant backward-running clock for £10.99. [bookworm, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Mirror image clock http://www.jutenhoo...tore/product78.html
Mirror image clock [mwburden, Aug 31 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Antique Lock
Oh well - never mind.. [energy guy, Jan 05 2005]

I have seen these clocks in barber shops...where you are mostly looking in the can easily see a clock hanging on the wall behind you.
-- blahginger, Aug 31 2000

Thanks for the links, bookworm. I like the Gizmo and Widget one better, and I just placed an order for one.
-- BigThor, Sep 01 2000

Just to let Bigthor know, she sells sanctuary was done by The Cult, didn't know how to mail you direct....
-- astus, Apr 04 2001

They have one of these in the pub I drink in. When inebriated, its damn near impossible to work out how long you have to get drunker in.
-- Little_Crow, Apr 04 2001

PeterSealy: No mirrors in the pub, none in the toilet either. Presumably they've all been stolen by people trying to work out what the time is
-- Little_Crow, Apr 04 2001

Good sounds. Up people f**k let's.
-- 1percent, Apr 04 2001

I have a better idea: combine this (baked) backwards/mirror image clock with another (baked) novelty clock I once saw: it had the numbers in random positions.

Now it gets REALLY hard to tell the time, numbers in random positions with hands moving the wrong direction!
-- A_J_Franzman, Feb 22 2002

The true anti-clock would, of course, just face the wall.
-- dietzgen, Aug 11 2002

why not "counter-clock"?
-- redundantly_redundant, Nov 19 2002

The author is from Great Britain or Australia, perhaps? They say "anticlockwise" when Americans would say "counterclockwise".
-- krelnik, Nov 19 2002

Wouldn't an anti-clock do the opposite of what a regular clock does? Thus instead of dividing a day into seconds minutes and hours it would multiply seconds, minutes, and hours, by days.
-- Bamboo, Apr 13 2004

[krelnik] - at least they don't say "widdershins."
-- Detly, Apr 13 2004

Dude, this is totally baked, my social studies teacher in high school had a clock with the numbers reversed and a picture of bullwinkle in the center saying "I'm so confused" or something.
-- danharold, Jul 19 2004

My Girlfriend has one of these on her wall, and it has caused me to unlearn how to tell the time on a conventional clock.

-- MikeOliver, Jul 19 2004

Baked. Actually, I am staring at one right now. It's sort of like reading manga for the first time-weird at first, but you get used to it.

Wow, I just annotated a [BigThor] idea! Hope you return. You are truly the Halfbakery's King Arthur!
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007

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