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Stove senses overboil, automatically shuts off

I HATE when stoves overboil, and when they do, they can cause a chain reaction of bad events. I'd like it if there was some sort of moisture sensor (two electrodes) that would shut off the stove if moisture was detected in various places. Maybe a little moisture sensor that clips onto the pot with a wire connecting to the stove that shuts the stove off if the water level rises enough.
-- -----, Nov 09 2004

cooking aids for the blind http://www.lighthou...e5-Cooking-Aids.htm
called "boil over" - about halfway down the page [prufrax, Nov 10 2004]

I had this covered http://bz.pair.com/fun/potwatch.html
And bx gracefully illustrated. (tears fall into pot to this day) [blissmiss, Dec 31 2012]

Gas stoves work this way. Shuts the heat off, anyway. The gas continues to hiss.
-- bungston, Nov 09 2004

baked, by charities making devices to help blind and partially-sighted people live independently. See link.
-- prufrax, Nov 10 2004

Turn the heat down, nothing needs to be cooked that high.
-- harderthanjesus, Nov 10 2004

We have a universal pot lid made of glass, that has a small hole in it that lets out the excess steam, and the cooking never boils over!
-- pashute, Dec 31 2012

Smart ass :-)
-- blissmiss, Dec 31 2012

Someone should churn that floppy disc windscreen scraper idea, but eight years is still pretty good.
-- nineteenthly, Dec 31 2012

Use the microwave. Most of them now have sensors to avoid overcooking.
-- whlanteigne, Dec 31 2012

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